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Company News About (4-Hydroxyethylpiperazineethanesulfonic acid) HEPES - the first choice for a variety of cosmetics

(4-Hydroxyethylpiperazineethanesulfonic acid) HEPES - the first choice for a variety of cosmetics

(4-Hydroxyethylpiperazineethanesulfonic acid) HEPES - the first choice for a variety of cosmetics

(4-Hydroxyethylpiperazineethanesulfonic acid) HEPES - the first choice for a variety of cosmetics

(4-Hydroxyethylpiperazineethanesulfonic acid) HEPES is a type of biological buffer and is widely used in the market. It can control the system for a long time, and the pH value is stable, and it will not complex metal ions. It is often used in livestock feeding cryopreservation buffer solution, or used to make cell culture fluid. In addition, it can also be used in various cosmetics. It has good buffering capacity, mild and non-irritating, whitening and exfoliating.

The role of HEPES in cosmetics

1. Whitening

(4-Hydroxyethylpiperazine ethanesulfonic acid) HEPES contains weak acidity, which can destroy the desmosomes connected between keratinocytes on the skin barrier, promote the exfoliation of the stratum corneum, and make the skin smooth, delicate and smooth, whitening and translucent. effect.

2. Strong pH buffering ability

① The ingredients in many cosmetics are polypeptides, nucleic acid substances and fermented extracts. These substances often require a stable acid-base environment, and the pH value is in the range of 6.0-8.0, otherwise these functional ingredients are easily inactivated. While formulations are sometimes susceptible to oxidation during storage, resulting in a drop in pH, HEPES effectively stabilizes these ingredients within a reasonable pH range.

②The pH range of the microbial fermentation extract needs to be in the environment of 6.0-8.0 to maintain its activity, and the usual pH buffer system is not suitable. Phosphate radicals such as potassium dihydrogen phosphate/sodium buffer system will precipitate with metal cations in the extract and are not suitable for use. However, (4-hydroxyethylpiperazineethanesulfonic acid) HEPES has a pH buffer range of 6.8-8.2, and does not complex with metal cations such as magnesium ions and calcium ions, and has a pKa of 7.48 at ambient temperature of 25 °C. Ideal for microbial fermentation extracts to maintain activity.

3. Anti-inflammatory effect

HEPES itself has a good anti-inflammatory effect, by reducing the amount of active oxidation products in peripheral blood mononuclear cells, it plays an anti-inflammatory effect and provides a new anti-inflammatory method.

(4-Hydroxyethylpiperazineethanesulfonic acid) HEPES is widely used in cosmetics, such as polypeptide products, whitening and anti-aging products, exfoliating products, etc. As a supplier of HEPES, Desheng has officially passed the certification of cosmetic raw material submission code, which can meet different cosmetic customer groups. Feel free to contact us!