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Company News About About Medical Beauty PRP separation gel

About Medical Beauty PRP separation gel

About Medical Beauty PRP separation gel

    Many female friends will use PRP when doing medical beauty, especially when treating dark circles, acupuncture, and wrinkle removal, but most people don't know much about PRP.


    The full name of PRP in Chinese is high-concentration platelet plasma. It is a platelet-rich plasma obtained by extracting a certain amount of venous blood into a PRP tube, centrifuging and separating in vitro. It contains a variety of abundant growth factors, so it is widely used in medical beauty projects.


    The PRP tube used in this process is a test tube specially used for the preparation of PRP plasma. Generally, serum separation gel is added to the test tube. This kind of separation gel has strict requirements on hydrolysis and specific gravity, and can control the precise specific gravity. Extract high-concentration platelets and inject them into the parts we need.


    There are two kinds of separation gel routinely produced by Desheng, one is polyacrylic acid separation gel; the other is resin separation gel, both of which have obtained national patents. At present, the separation gel produced by our company has three appearances, transparent, translucent and opaque, with more obvious advantages and superior hydrophobic properties. The transparent gel is a unique appearance of our company. In terms of viscosity, the separation glue is customized, and few domestic manufacturers can provide such customized services.


    With 17 years of development, Desheng's separation gel has developed into the fourth generation, from the previous generation that is not radiation resistant to the current resin system that is resistant to radiation, which is already ahead of most domestic manufacturers. Desheng has a professional R&D team for separating gel technology, with competitive prices and guaranteed quality. Now the daily output can reach 2-4 tons. The production technology and equipment are advanced, the delivery is timely, and the spot supply is guaranteed. If you have relevant needs, you can visit the official website or make a phone call.