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Company News About Accurate detection of covid-19 inVirus Transport Media

Accurate detection of covid-19 inVirus Transport Media

Accurate detection of covid-19 inVirus Transport Media

Hearing about the virus made us feel terrible. Especially last year's COVID-19, let the whole world smell it. What does this have to do with ourVirus Transport Media? As the name suggests, virus preservation liquid is the liquid to preserve virus. It is to prevent it from harming us, so that we can better understand, understand, study and analyze it, and then overcome it.


The Virus Transport Media is a liquid for sampling virus swabs in the tube to sample the swabs. It is mainly used for the collection, preservation and transportation of common virus samples such as New Coronavirus, hfmv, influenza virus and so on. It can be used to collect tissue samples from throat swabs, nasal swabs or specific parts. The stored samples can be used for subsequent clinical experiments such as nucleic acid extraction or purification.

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It is usually divided into two types, one is non inactivated and the other is inactivated; The non inactivated type can protect virus protein and nucleic acid, preserve virus activity and facilitate culture and detection; The inactivated type makes the virus no longer have physiological activity, lose infection and pathogenicity, and have fecundity. It can inactivate the virus, eliminate secondary infection, and protect the safety of transportation and testing personnel.


How do we choose theVirus Transport Media? Since the virus is a parasitic organism, it cannot survive in vitro after sampling. If it cannot be detected in time, it needs to be stored in theVirus Transport Media. In order to protect the safety of the virus detection environment and the safety of detection personnel, we need to use our virus inactivation preservation solution.


But the inactivated preservation solution doesn't make the virus inactive. Can it be detected? In fact, the purpose of using inactivated preservation solution is to cleave nucleic acid, release nucleic acid, and then detect nucleic acid through follow-up real-time fluorescent RT-PCR, so as to judge whether the sample contains virus characteristic nucleic acid, that is, whether it is infected with virus. The virus has a single structure and contains only one nucleic acid and protein. Therefore, the virus is detected when the characteristic nucleic acid is detected.


Under what circumstances do we use non inactivatedVirus Transport Media? The non inactivated preservation solution is mainly an improved virus maintenance solution based on the transport medium. This one is to retain the protein shell of the virus and virus nucleic acid DNA or RNA at the same time, so that the virus has the integrity of protein antigen epitope and nucleic acid in vitro. Of course, there is a certain risk of infection in case of misoperation. Strict low temperature is required for long-term storage after sampling.


No matter what kind ofVirus Transport Media is used, not all samples can be transported and preserved at the sample collection place after virus sampling. Therefore, we need to transport and retain the collected virus swab, otherwise the virus nucleic acid will degrade quickly and the nucleic acid cannot be detected, Therefore, it is necessary to add preservation solution to the sampling tube to prevent the nucleic acid of the virus from being degraded so quickly. At the same time, after sampling, it shall be tested as soon as possible or strictly stored at low temperature to ensure that the detection is accurate.Virus Transport Media plays an important role in maintaining the stability of virus samples due to the rapid reproduction and variation of virus.