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Company News About Additives for blood collection forms of heparin sodium

Additives for blood collection forms of heparin sodium

Additives for blood collection forms of heparin sodium

Heparin sodium is a commonly used Anticoagulant, which is widely used in clinical medicine and laboratory research. It can not only be used in vitro, but also be prepared into drugs for use in vivo. The structure, anticoagulant activity, and use of different forms of heparin sodium vary. Below is a detailed introduction to the different forms of heparin sodium.


1、 Ordinary heparin sodium


Heparin is a natural polysaccharide Anticoagulant, mainly composed of heparin sulfate. It inhibits the activity of coagulation factors by combining with anticoagulant proteins in the blood (such as antithrombin, prothrombin, etc.), thus preventing blood coagulation. This heparin sodium appears in the form of medicine and is used for the prevention of thrombosis and thromboembolism, such as anticoagulant treatment in the case of cardiac surgery, hemodialysis, Deep vein thrombosis, etc.


2、 Low molecular weight heparin sodium


Low molecular weight heparin sodium is a product obtained from enzymatic hydrolysis or chemical modification of ordinary heparin, with a molecular weight smaller than that of ordinary heparin, usually around 4000-6000. It also has anticoagulant activity, but compared with unfractionated heparin, it is more stable, has a half-life and lower variability, and is suitable for clinical medicine, including the prevention and treatment of Deep vein thrombosis, anticoagulant treatment of patients with heart disease, and risk management of thrombotic disease in pregnant women.


3、 Additive heparin sodium for blood collection


This type of heparin sodium is a natural anticoagulant substance containing acidic mucopolysaccharides containing sulfate groups, which inhibits the activity of thrombin and achieves the function of preventing blood coagulation. It is mainly added to green test tubes for use. Its average molecular weight is around 15000, and the conventional dosage for test tubes is 1mL of blood corresponding to the use of 20IU of heparin sodium. Be careful not to overuse it, otherwise the best anticoagulant effect cannot be achieved.


These three forms of heparin sodium will be applied to clinical practice, and their production requirements and processes are relatively strict. There are fundamental differences between the drug form and the external Anticoagulant form, and their market prices are also very different. When purchasing, we should evaluate and select the appropriate form of heparin sodium according to our own use requirements to achieve the best anticoagulant effect.


Desheng, as a superior manufacturer of heparin sodium, is mainly added to the blood collection tube as an in vitro Anticoagulant. It cannot be prepared into a drug, and it is in the original powder form. When the manufacturer purchases it, it needs to prepare a solution and add it to the test tube. The factory price of its powder is discounted and can be produced in bulk for customers. If you are interested, please click on the website to inquire and purchase!