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Company News About Additives for blood collection heparin lithium as anticoagulant

Additives for blood collection heparin lithium as anticoagulant

Additives for blood collection heparin lithium as anticoagulant

Blood collection is a common operation in clinical diagnosis and laboratory testing. To ensure that the collected blood samples accurately reflect the biochemical status of the body, appropriate anticoagulants need to be used to prevent blood coagulation. Heparin lithium, as a commonly used anticoagulant for blood collection, is widely used in clinical and laboratory settings. Below, we will explore the usage and precautions of heparin lithium as an anticoagulant for blood collection. Let's take a look together.


The mechanism of action of heparin lithium


Heparin lithium is a natural polysaccharide that primarily inhibits the activity of thrombin, thereby preventing the coagulation process. It can bind to antithrombin III, thereby inhibiting the formation of thrombin and inhibiting the coagulation cascade reaction. At the same time, it can also inhibit platelet aggregation by binding to coagulation factors on the surface of platelets.


Method of using heparin lithium as an anticoagulant for blood collection


Heparin lithium is usually injected into the blood collection vessel in the form of a solution to come into contact with the blood and achieve anticoagulant effects. When using heparin lithium, the following aspects need to be noted:


1. Appropriate concentration: The concentration of heparin lithium needs to be determined based on specific circumstances. Usually, in medical practice, the appropriate concentration of heparin lithium is determined based on the size of the blood collection vessel and the amount of blood required to be collected. The recommended amount for general industry standards is 9.4IU-28IU of heparin lithium per milliliter of blood. If using a peripheral blood sampler, anticoagulation needs to be less than 14IU per milliliter of blood.


2. Uniform mixing: Before using heparin lithium solution, it is necessary to thoroughly mix it evenly to ensure that heparin lithium is evenly distributed in the solution and ensure its anticoagulant effect is consistent.


3. Adding technique: When adding and preparing heparin lithium solution, it is generally divided into manual and machine adding. Machine adding requires setting machine parameters and paying attention to cleaning the pipeline to avoid impurities or bacterial residues. At the same time, it is necessary to timely check whether the dosage of the addition meets the requirements to ensure that the anticoagulant effect reaches the ideal state.


Matters needing attention


1. To ensure sufficient anticoagulation of blood samples, medical staff should invert and mix them as soon as possible after blood collection, without using excessive force, just gently invert 5 to 8 times.


2. The heparin lithium anticoagulant tube should be tested within 6 hours as much as possible, as it is a non irreversible anticoagulant. If not tested for a long time, it may lead to deviation in the test results.


3. Heparin is sensitive to indicators such as AST, ALT, and TBIL. It can participate in the metabolism of cellular enzymes and ions, and its usage may affect the detection results. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the amount of heparin lithium tubes added during the detection project and select appropriate heparin lithium tubes according to different projects.


As an additive for blood collection, heparin lithium can effectively prevent blood coagulation during the blood collection process by inhibiting thrombin activity and reducing platelet aggregation, ensuring the quality of collected blood samples. Through scientific and reasonable use, heparin lithium will better exert its anticoagulant effect during blood collection, ensuring the accuracy of clinical diagnosis and laboratory testing.


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