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Company News About Additives for blood collection lithium heparin for

Additives for blood collection lithium heparin for

Additives for blood collection lithium heparin for

Going to the hospital for physical examination, blood drawing is a common method of operation. Generally, analyzing the relevant values of blood samples, such as platelets, white blood cells, red blood cells, etc., can clearly determine whether the patient has any diseases. In this process, the use of anticoagulants for blood collection is crucial. As the preferred anticoagulant for medical staff, heparin lithium is generally used in blood collection to ensure that the collected blood remains in its original state before testing, in order to obtain accurate results. Let's talk about the role of heparin lithium in blood collection in detail.


What is heparin lithium?


Heparin lithium, also known as heparin lithium salt, is a form of heparin. Heparin is a naturally occurring polysaccharide, usually extracted from pig intestinal mucosa or bovine lung tissue, and can also be obtained through biosynthesis. It has a negative charge and prevents blood clotting by interacting with antithrombin III.


Principle of action of heparin lithium


Heparin lithium mainly achieves its anticoagulant effect through the following methods:


(1) Inhibition of thrombin activity: The interaction between heparin lithium and antithrombin III blocks the activity of thrombin, thereby inhibiting the coagulation process of blood.


(2) Inhibition of platelet aggregation: Heparin lithium can affect the function of platelets, reduce their adhesion and aggregation, and thus help achieve coagulation goals.


(3) Maintaining ion balance: Heparin lithium, as a salt, helps maintain ion balance in blood collection vessels, keeping the blood in its original state and unaffected by other factors.


Application of heparin lithium


Heparin lithium is mainly used in the preparation of blood collection vessels to ensure that the collected blood does not coagulate in a short period of time, which is very important for subsequent testing and analysis. The following are some main application projects of heparin lithium:


1. Clinical biochemistry examination: Heparin lithium is widely used in various clinical biochemistry examinations, such as detecting blood ammonia, electrolytes, liver function, kidney function, etc. These tests usually require original blood samples, and the use of heparin lithium ensures that blood does not clot after collection, making it easier for medical staff to complete the tests in a timely manner and obtain effective results.


2. Emergency biochemical examination: In emergency situations, it is usually necessary to quickly conduct various biochemical tests to quickly evaluate the patient's condition. The use of heparin lithium tubes can quickly process samples without waiting for long periods of time, saving patients and medical staff time.


3. Hemorheology: Hemorheology is the field of studying the flow characteristics of blood. Lithium heparin tubes are used for blood collection in some hemorheological projects to study the viscosity and fluidity of blood.


Precautions for the use of heparin lithium in blood collection


(1) Heparin lithium is different from other reagents in that it has non irreversible properties, so the test must be completed within 6 hours, as it can be affected if left for too long.


(2) Heparin lithium may be involved in the metabolism of cellular enzymes and ions, so its use level will affect the detection results, ensuring sufficient local or global anticoagulation, and ensuring the repetition of most plasma indicators.


(3) Due to the spraying of heparin lithium on the tube wall, in order to ensure ideal anticoagulation effect, it is recommended to immediately mix it up and down 5-8 times after blood collection.


Heparin lithium is an important component in the preparation of blood vessels, playing a crucial role in clinical and emergency biochemical examinations. By preventing blood clotting, heparin lithium ensures the quality and reliability of collected blood samples, helping medical staff better evaluate the patient's health status and develop corresponding treatment plans.


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