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Company News About Additives for blood collection lithium heparin function

Additives for blood collection lithium heparin function

Additives for blood collection lithium heparin function

Heparin lithium, as an anticoagulant, plays an important role in clinical biochemical tests. Its main function is to prevent coagulation during the collection of blood samples, ensuring their stability and reliability. The principle of action is achieved by blocking the activity of thrombin, an enzyme that promotes blood clotting. Heparin lithium inhibits thrombin activity by binding to antithrombin III, thereby reducing blood clotting. What is its clinical function? Let's take a look together.


The biggest function of heparin lithium is in the collection of blood samples and anticoagulation during clinical biochemical examinations, especially for testing items that require the determination of ion content in the blood. Compared with other anticoagulants, heparin lithium has less interference in ion determination, enabling accurate and reliable results to be obtained during blood sample collection and ion content determination. Moreover, heparin lithium has an advantage that it can be used at room temperature and added to the blood collection vessel as a solution without special conditions. In addition, its anticoagulant performance ensures that the blood sample is not damaged and subsequent testing is smoother.


However, it should be noted that although heparin lithium is an effective anticoagulant, it is not a drug and cannot be used as an injection, nor should it be directly injected into human or animal bodies. The use of heparin lithium additive is limited to the process of collecting blood samples in the laboratory, with the aim of maintaining the original state of the blood samples and ensuring the accuracy of various biochemical tests.


In addition, in order to ensure the ideal anticoagulation effect of blood samples, test tubes containing heparin lithium should be immediately inverted after blood collection, especially when the ambient temperature is above 25 degrees Celsius, which is not well mixed and easily leads to a semi coagulation state and is not suitable for biochemical testing. And unlike other additives, heparin lithium must be tested within 6 hours and should not be left unused for too long. For sensitive indicators such as AST, ALT, TBIL, DBIL, GGT, etc., it should be ensured that most of the plasma indicators are repeatable within 6 hours.


Unlike heparin drugs, heparin lithium additives cannot be used for treatment or directly injected into human or animal bodies. If you need to use it, you should indicate the demand in advance.As a professional manufacturer of blood vessel additives, Desheng can provide analytical grade heparin lithium raw materials for blood collection manufacturers to use, and does not participate in human treatment. Before purchasing, please explain the purpose in advance to facilitate accurate customer service quotations. Interested parties are welcome to click on the website to inquire about details!