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Company News About Additives for blood collection sodium heparin how to use

Additives for blood collection sodium heparin how to use

Additives for blood collection sodium heparin how to use

Heparin Sodium is a commonly used Anticoagulant, which is widely used in the medical field. As the original powder of Anticoagulant, it can be prepared into a solution and added to test tubes for blood collection. If it is prepared into a drug form, it can be used in hemodialysis and surgery. There are also differences in the usage methods of different applications, and we will introduce them specifically below.


Use of heparin sodium raw material powder


1. Solution preparation


Prepare Volumetric flask, balance, beaker, deionized water, bottle washing and other appliances, weigh the prepared heparin sodium powder in advance, and then pour the powder into the beaker. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the appliances, which shall be free of impurities and bacteria. Then use deionized water to dissolve it. Add water and stir it slowly with Glass rod, and transfer it into a volumetric flask after it is completely dissolved. After dissolution, it is necessary to perform a constant volume to keep the liquid level consistent with the scale line, and finally mix and check for confirmation.


2. Solution addition


Although it is divided into manual addition and machine addition, in order to save time and improve the efficiency of producing finished products, most people will choose machine addition. Before using the machine, ensure that all adding pipelines are in a sterile state, clean them with ethanol, dry them with hot air, and then adjust the machine to the corresponding value to add liquid.


3. Drying


Generally, test tubes are dried using methods such as a drying oven or drying room. The hot air drying temperature is generally controlled at around 50-80 degrees Celsius, and the time is 10-300 seconds. The drying time and temperature can be adjusted according to the volume of the solution and the exhaust capacity, and the wind speed should not be too high.


Heparin sodium drug use


1. Before using heparin sodium drugs, make sure to understand the required dosage beforehand and prepare appropriate drugs and equipment according to the requirements. At the same time, check whether the packaging of heparin sodium is intact, pay attention to the expiration date and storage conditions, and ensure the quality and usability of the drug.


2. The common dosage form of heparin sodium is injection, and appropriate dosage forms should be selected according to needs. For patients undergoing hemodialysis treatment, heparin sodium is used to anticoagulate the blood circuit and prevent blood from clotting in the dialyzer. The dosage of heparin sodium should be adjusted based on the patient's weight, dialysis time, and dialyzer type. In addition, heparin sodium is used as an intraoperative Anticoagulant in cardiac surgery or vascular surgery. According to the nature and needs of the surgery, the dosage and method of using heparin sodium need to be determined based on factors such as the patient's weight, coagulation indicators, and surgical plan.


As a commonly used Anticoagulant, heparin sodium plays an important role in medical and laboratory applications. When using heparin sodium, it should be fully prepared and operated according to the correct use method and dosage. As a superior supplier of heparin sodium, Desheng's products are white powder with high main content, and are mainly used in blood collection vessels as extracorporeal blood Anticoagulant. If you have any interest, please feel free to contact us for purchase!