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Company News About Advantages and precautions of biological buffer Tris base

Advantages and precautions of biological buffer Tris base

Advantages and precautions of biological buffer Tris base

A buffer solution is a mixed solution composed of weak acids and their salts or weak bases and their salts, which can resist the influence of external strong acids or bases to a certain extent, thereby maintaining a relatively stable pH value of the solution. It has extremely important significance in the research of biochemistry. Next, let's take Tris buffer as an example to talk about the relevant knowledge of Tris buffer.


Advantages of Tris buffer solution

1. High solubility in water: Tris buffer has high solubility in water and is inert in many enzyme reactions.

2. Wide application range: Tris buffer is suitable for many biochemical experiments and also plays an important role in cosmetics, in vitro diagnostics, molecular biology, and coatings.

3. Good buffering ability: Tris buffer has strong buffering ability and can maintain the pH stability of the solution within a certain range, usually between 7.5 and 9.

4. Low interference to biochemical processes: does not react with calcium, magnesium ions, and heavy metal ions to precipitate.

5. Tris buffer has a strong alkalinity, and in experiments, Tris buffer can be used to prepare buffer solutions with pH values ranging from acidic to alkaline.


Precautions when using Tris buffer:

1、During the experiment, skin absorption and contact with Tris buffer can cause injury, and gloves and goggles should be worn during operation.

2. Tris buffer is easily affected by light, oxygen, and other factors, so the usage scenario should be considered during the configuration process. The effect of temperature changes on the pH value of buffer solution (Δ pKa/℃=-0.031). For example, if the pH of the buffer solution is 8.4 at 4 ℃, then it is 7.4 at 37 ℃. Therefore, preparation should be carried out at the specified temperature. Tris HCl buffer solution prepared at room temperature cannot be used at 0 ℃ to 4 ℃. The pH value is greatly affected by the concentration of the solution, and when the buffer is diluted ten times, the change in pH value is greater than 0.1. Therefore, when using Tris buffer in some experiments that require high pH changes, more attention should be paid to this point.

3.Tris buffer should not be used in the determination of benzoic acid (BCA).

4. Tris can react with various molecules, including RNA enzyme inhibitors, aldehydes, enzymes, DNA, and common metals such as Cr3+, Fe3+, Ni2+, Co2+, and Cu2+, and can interact with heavy metals, but also have inhibitory effects in some systems.

5. Tris buffer contains ammonium groups, which can undergo condensation reactions with aldehydes and have certain interfering effects on certain biological systems.


Preparation of Tris buffer solution

To prepare 1 liter of Tris buffer, dissolve 121.14 g of Tris in 750 mL of dH2O. Adjust to the desired pH with concentrated hydrochloric acid. The pH value can be adjusted by increasing the molar ratio of Tris HCl (increased acidity) or Tris base (increased alkalinity) and estimated using the Henderson Hasselbalch equation. Fill with dH2O to a final volume of 1L and sterilize through a filter or autoclave. Storage temperature at 4 ˚ C.

Overall, Tris buffer is a commonly used and efficient buffer widely used in biochemical, molecular biology, and bioengineering research. For example, in the process of protein extraction, separation, and purification, it is necessary to use some buffer solutions with stability and activity; In the enzymatic reaction process, it is necessary to use some buffer solutions with appropriate pH and ion strength, which can help the experimenter stabilize the pH value and ensure the accuracy and reliability of the experiment. Tris and other biological buffering agents developed and produced by Hubei Xindesheng Material Technology Co., Ltd. have advantages such as good water solubility, high purity, and strong buffering ability. If you need derivative buffering agents of Tris, Desheng also has professional R&D personnel to provide you with professional technical support. If you are interested, please click on the official website to learn more details!