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Company News About Advantages of Desheng's the New Trinder's Reagent

Advantages of Desheng's the New Trinder's Reagent

Advantages of Desheng's the New Trinder's Reagent

The new Trinder's reagent has become a new favorite for in vitro biochemical testing, used in different in vitro diagnostic kits. It mainly marks the content of the tested substances, such as creatinine, uric acid, blood sugar, etc., by detecting the serum of the sample. It is of great significance for the early diagnosis and treatment monitoring of some diseases.


There are many types of new Trinder's reagents and their applications are also very wide. At present, the new Trinder's reagents produced by Desheng include: ADOS, ADPS, ALPS, TOOS, DAOS, TOPS, MADB, DAOS, MAOS, etc. They are all easily soluble in water, with UV absorption of color reaction products>540nm, high sensitivity, and color reaction can be carried out within a wide pH range.


Their differences also contribute to the uniqueness of each reagent. Their absorption wavelength and molar absorbance are different. When selecting a new type of Trinder's reagent, it is necessary to make the selection based on actual application needs.


Factors to consider when selecting the new Trinder's reagents


1. Molar absorbance: Molar absorbance is a unit of measurement that measures the intensity of light at a specific wavelength absorbed by a chemical substance. The application of molar absorbance in new Trinder's reagents helps to improve the accuracy and sensitivity of experiments, providing reliable data basis for scientific research, production, and environmental protection. The higher the molar absorbance, the higher the sensitivity of the new Trinder's reagent.


Therefore, when the content of the substance to be tested is very low, new Trinder's reagents with higher molar absorbance should be selected, such as ALPS, TOOS, TOPS, etc.


2. Absorption wavelength: The absorption wavelength of different new Trinder's reagents also varies, so when selecting, it is necessary to choose the appropriate reagent based on the absorption wavelength range of the substance to be tested. For example, when the absorption wavelength of the substance to be tested is between 550nm and 600nm, in order to avoid interference, it is necessary to choose a reagent with an absorption wavelength higher than 600nm. The absorption wavelength of two new Trinder's reagents, MAOS and MADB, can reach 630nm.


3. Changes in absorbance and time: The absorbance of color reaction products formed by TOOS, ADOS, and DAOS remains stable for a period of time, indicating high stability and not easy to fade. The one with obvious fading is MAOS.

In addition, other factors such as the price and availability of reagents need to be considered based on the specific needs of the experiment. The final selected reagent should be the most suitable new Trinder's reagent for the experimental needs.


Advantages of Desheng's New Trinder's Reagent


1. Desheng has advanced production processes and equipment, a complete production line, and ensures that the HEPES products produced have fewer impurities and a purity of ≥ 99%. The new Trinder's reagent is stable at room temperature, not prone to spoilage, and has undergone strict quality control and repeated sampling confirmation to ensure stable quality of each batch of HEPES products.


2. The new Trinder's reagents produced by Desheng are directly sold by the manufacturer, eliminating the need for intermediaries. The pricing of the product is consistent with its value, with high cost-effectiveness and fast delivery speed of HEPES.


3. The new Trinder's reagent produced by Desheng is a white crystalline powder, which is easy to store and transport. And Desheng has a self built large warehouse and high-quality logistics cooperation channels, which can quickly process orders and arrange shipments.


4. Desheng's new Trinder's reagents provide excellent after-sales service. Desheng can provide comprehensive after-sales service, from consultation, ordering, shipping to use, with professional personnel providing one-on-one service tracking throughout the process. If you encounter any problems during use, Desheng will communicate with you in a timely manner and provide solutions.