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All you need to know about Seyuan TOOS is here!

China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
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Company News
All you need to know about Seyuan TOOS is here!
Latest company news about All you need to know about Seyuan TOOS is here!

TOOS, the full Chinese name of N-ethyl-N-(2-hydroxy-3-sulfopropyl)-3-methylaniline sodium salt, is a widely used color reagent, and is most commonly used in the new Trinder's reagent. TOOS is used in many clinical biochemical testing projects. This article will introduce which testing projects the color reagent TOOS can be used for.


Precautions for using TOOS

TOOS is reductive. Although peroxidase is needed for detection, the enzyme is its catalysis. Without enzyme, it may be slowly oxidized by the oxygen in the air after being prepared into a solution. . The chromogen substrate needs to be prepared into a solution when used. The chromogen substrate produced by Desheng is a pure white powder, sealed and stored. After the solution is prepared, it should be prepared for immediate use. It will be slowly oxidized and discolored if it is in contact with air for a long time.

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The reaction principle of TOOS detecting uric acid

Uric acid + oxygen + water are catalyzed by uricase to generate allantoin + carbon dioxide + water; two molecules of water + 4-aminoantipyrine + TOOS are catalyzed by oxidase POD to generate quinone imine + four molecules of water. From here, you can see the ratio of TOOS to uric acid reaction, and then through the reference value of the uric acid result, you can estimate the amount of TOOS and the concentration range of the configuration solution


The concentration of TOOS used in biochemical testing

For different biochemical tests, the concentration is different, but if the test volume is the same, the concentration difference is not big. The concentration of the coloring substrate TOOS is usually about 1~5mmol/L, according to the molecular weight of 295.33, when preparing the solution , You only need to add 0.3~1.5 grams of TOOS per kilogram of water, and the amount required is relatively small.


What testing items can TOOS be used for

TOOS can be used in diagnostic reagents for blood glucose testing, routine liver function tests, blood lipid testing items such as triglycerides, and cholesterol testing. It is of great value in clinical diagnosis. TOOS not only has high sensitivity, but also has high absorption wavelength, color reaction intensity, and Good performance in terms of fading.


The TOOS chromogenic substrate developed by Desheng Technology has the characteristics of high purity, high water solubility, and less interference impurity ions. It is ready to use when used, which is very convenient; our TOOS has a better crystal shape than the current products on the market. , Crystal Yan

The color is more pure and white, and the quality and service are widely praised!

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