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Company News About An important additive in blood collection vessels: blood coagulants

An important additive in blood collection vessels: blood coagulants

An important additive in blood collection vessels: blood coagulants

In today's field of medical testing, accurate collection and processing of blood samples is crucial for early diagnosis, monitoring, and scientific exploration of diseases and pains. Among them, an important role in blood collection is played by blood coagulants, which play a crucial role in accelerating blood coagulation and optimizing sample processing processes. This article will delve into the mysteries of this unique additive, including its mechanism of action, clinical application, and advantages in use.

1、 Understanding Blood Procoagulants: Behind the Scenes of Accelerating Coagulation

Blood coagulant, as the name suggests, is a chemical substance specifically designed for rapid coagulation of blood. It is widely used in blood testing processes in clinical laboratories, hospitals, and disease control centers. Unlike the natural coagulation mechanism of the human body, coagulants can initiate and complete the blood coagulation process in a very short time, greatly improving the efficiency and convenience of detection.

2、 Mechanism of action: dual catalysis of physics and chemistry

The working principle of blood procoagulants can be divided into two categories: physical procoagulants and chemical procoagulants. Physical coagulation mainly promotes the adhesion between platelets by providing a surface that is conducive to platelet aggregation. Chemical coagulation, on the other hand, is more direct by stimulating the activity of prothrombin in the blood, accelerating the release of thrombin, and thereby accelerating the generation of fibrin, forming stable blood clots. Some coagulants, such as calcium ions, can directly participate in and accelerate this chemical reaction chain, significantly accelerating the blood coagulation process.

3、 Clinical application: dual insurance of efficiency and accuracy

In clinical practice, the innovative application of adding blood coagulants to blood collection vessels has greatly improved detection efficiency and reliability of results. After the blood sample is collected, the coagulant immediately starts to act, causing the blood to quickly coagulate and separate serum or plasma. This instant coagulation mechanism not only shortens the waiting time, but also reduces the risk of sample deterioration caused by long-term storage, ensuring the accuracy of the test results.

4、 Advantages in use: the combination of efficiency and stability

The introduction of blood coagulants for blood collection simplifies the complexity of blood collection and processing. The vacuum blood collection vessel using a coagulant only needs to be gently inverted a few times to ensure that the coagulant is fully mixed with the blood, without the need for additional operation steps, greatly improving the sampling efficiency. In addition, the coagulant formula only requires a very small amount to be effective, for example, 0.5-1.0mg of coagulant powder can quickly coagulate 1ml of blood sample. This combination of efficiency and economy makes coagulants an indispensable tool for modern medical testing.

The coagulant is only used in vitro to accelerate sample coagulation and will not have any impact on the human body. In addition, modern coagulants undergo strict quality control and biocompatibility testing, ensuring that they do not interfere with test results or mislead subsequent decisions while improving detection efficiency.


In summary, as a key additive in blood collection, blood coagulants not only optimize the processing flow of blood samples through their coagulation promoting mechanism, but also promote the rapid development of medical detection technology. With the continuous upgrading of automation and intelligent detection equipment, the innovative application of coagulants is also constantly expanding, contributing to the realization of faster and more accurate medical services.

In the future, with the continuous progress of technology, we hope that blood coagulants can demonstrate their potential in more fields and provide more possibilities for human health. Hubei Xindesheng is a professional manufacturer of blood coagulants and other blood collection additives, with an independent research and development team and strict quality control by professional personnel. If you have purchasing needs, please feel free to contact us for purchase!