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Company News About Anticoagulant for blood collection tubes-Tripotassium EDTA 

Anticoagulant for blood collection tubes-Tripotassium EDTA 

Anticoagulant for blood collection tubes-Tripotassium EDTA 

Tripotassium ethylenediaminetetraacetate (EDTA-K3), as an amino polycarboxylate, has a strong ability to complex metal ions, and is often used as a chelating agent in hard water softeners to remove boiler scale and heavy metal mercury. Antidote etc. Tripotassium EDTA produced by Desheng Biochemical is mainly used as an anticoagulant in vitro. It is added to the vacuum blood collection tube. Generally, the pretreatment of blood samples is carried out in the process of clinical blood collection and testing.


The configuration of the EDTA tripotassium anticoagulant is to dissolve the EDTA tripotassium powder with a certain amount of distilled water, configure it into a solution of the required concentration, and then inject it into the blood collection tube. Compared with dipotassium EDTA, tripotassium EDTA is in the form of liquid in the blood collection glass tube, and in the form of dry spray in the blood collection plastic tube.

When the tripotassium EDTA in the blood collection tube touches the blood sample, it complexes calcium ions in the blood, blocks the coagulation effect of calcium ions, and stops blood coagulation. Tripotassium EDTA, like dipotassium EDTA, also does not destroy blood cell components, does not affect the white blood cell count, and has the least effect on the shape of red blood cells, and is often used in routine blood tests.

When tripotassium EDTA is added to the vacuum blood collection tube, it is usually used in combination with sodium fluoride and separating gel, and its anticoagulant effect is better. And in the case of non-irreversible anticoagulation with tripotassium EDTA, the test should be completed within 24 hours after blood collection to ensure the accuracy of the test results.


In addition, compared with sodium citrate and lithium heparin anticoagulants, tripotassium EDTA has a stronger ability to inhibit platelet aggregation. However, if EDTA tripotassium anticoagulation is used for blood analysis, it is found that the platelet count is too low for unknown reasons, and it is not suitable for the examination of platelet kinetics.


Hubei New Desheng is specialized in vacuum blood collection tube additives, not only R&D and production of tripotassium EDTA, but also serum separation gel, sodium heparin, lithium heparin, dipotassium EDTA, coagulant, high-efficiency coagulation accelerator Powder, etc., are conducive to meet the different needs of customers. This kind of blood collection tube additives, the purity is as high as 99%, and the quality is strictly controlled.