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Company News About Anticoagulant mechanism of heparin lithium

Anticoagulant mechanism of heparin lithium

Anticoagulant mechanism of heparin lithium

Anticoagulant mechanism of heparin lithium


    As a widely used reagent in clinic, heparin lithium is mainly responsible for anticoagulation. Whether it is prepared into drugs or used as an additive for blood collection, it is achieved through blood, so many people are interested in its anticoagulation mechanism. In fact, to understand the anticoagulation mechanism, we need to understand why blood coagulates. Next, I will introduce it to you in detail.


    1、 Blood coagulation principle


    In life, we must all know that if you cut your finger and bleed, you just need to wipe it gently and stop it after a few minutes. In fact, this is the function of your own blood coagulation system. Because blood clots are formed at the bleeding site, there will be no continuous bleeding.


    The essence of blood coagulation is the process of transforming soluble fibrinogen in blood into insoluble fibrinogen. In this process, the reason why heparin lithium can play an anticoagulant effect is to achieve the anticoagulant effect by inhibiting a certain link in the above coagulation process.


    2、 Anticoagulant mechanism


    When it comes to its anticoagulation mechanism, it basically relies on heparin to achieve its goal. Because it is strongly acidic and is a natural substance extracted from animal liver organs, its anticoagulation effect will generally include three aspects:


    1. By increasing the function of antithrombin 3, which leads to the inactivation of thrombin, the purpose of anti-blood coagulation is achieved from the root.


    2. After thrombin loses its activity, it further blocks blood coagulation by inhibiting platelet aggregation and adhesion.


    3. Protein C is a key component of the body's blood coagulation system. Heparin lithium enhances the protein activity, thus stimulating the release of anticoagulant substances from vascular endothelial cells.


    From the above introduction, we can know the anticoagulation mechanism of heparin lithium. When conducting medical tests, we recommend that you choose high-quality heparin products. Poor quality products may lead to poor anticoagulation effect. As a manufacturer specializing in the research and development of blood collection additives in China, Hubei New Desheng produces heparin lithium, which is a high-quality heparin of analytical purity. The unit packaging quantity can be divided into 10g/bottle and 50g/bottle. The quality requirements are immediately tracked and reported by the R&D personnel to ensure that customers can use it safely. If you have relevant requirements, please click the website for details!