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Company News About Application and scope of carbomer in pharmacy

Application and scope of carbomer in pharmacy

Application and scope of carbomer in pharmacy

Carbomer, also known as polycarboxyethylene, is a polymer formed by chemical crosslinking of acrylic acid or acrylate with allyl ether, including polyacrylic acid (homopolymer) and long-chain alkanol acrylate polymer (copolymer). It has high efficiency of thickening, gel, suspension and so on. Because of its excellent water absorbency and suspension, it has become one of the main raw materials in the hand sanitizer handwashing gel which has been widely used during the epidemic. The former Desheng Xiaobian has talked about the application of carbomer in cosmetics and washing liquid, and it is no longer described today. The following is mainly about the application of carbomer raw materials in pharmaceutical products.


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Desheng carbomer powder and gel product map


Carbomer is widely used in topical emulsion, cream and gel. In the neutral environment, carbomer gel system is a good gel matrix. It is crystal clear and smooth. It is very suitable for the preparation of cream or gel. At the same time, it is widely used in topical administration, especially in skin and eye gel, because of its simple process, good stability and comfortable feeling.


Carbomer is mainly used as a water-soluble matrix for ointment, gel, etc., as well as adhesives and film coating materials for tablets, granules, slow release skeleton materials, emulsifiers, thickeners, suspending agents, etc.


1. As adhesive and film coating material

As a binder for granules and tablets, Carbomer dosage is mainly determined by the physical and chemical properties of the main drug and the requirements of prescription design, and the general dosage is 5% ~ 10%.


2. As a sustained-release framework material

Carbomer formed a special network structure due to the covalent crosslinking between the chains. The gel formed by hydration and expansion, and used as a hydrogel skeleton material in the sustained-release control agent, and controlled the release of the drug through the gel layer formed. Carbomer, as a slow-release material, can increase the choice of prescription, generally 6% ~ 10% of the dosage, has good compressibility, good compatibility with other excipients, and can make the drug release zero or nearly zero (zero release: the drug release rate does not change with time, that is, the drug release rate remains constant in the drug release cycle).


The type and dosage of carbomer can affect the drug release. The sustained release effect of 974P is stronger than that of 934p. The release rate of tablets containing 10% carbomer 974P is similar to that of tablets containing 30% 934p. In addition, the solubility of the drug and the pH value of the medium also affect the drug release.


3. Matrix for ointment, suppository, gel and so on.

1% carbomer solution pH about 2.5~3.0, adding sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, sodium bicarbonate, borax and triethanolamine and other alkali regulators, viscosity increased to form gel, as thick as pH 6~12, can be used as a water-soluble semisolid preparation matrix, the dosage is 0.5%~3%. The gel matrix has the advantages of rapid release, no greasy, easy to spread, no irritation to skin and mucosa, and can be mixed with aqueous solution and absorb tissue exudates, which is good for removing the secretion.


4. As emulsifier, thickener and suspending agent

Carbomer can be used as an auxiliary emulsifier for O/W type (water in oil) emulsifier in emulsion. The dosage is 0.1%~0.5%. It can be used as thickener and suspension in solution and suspension, and the dosage of gel is usually 0.5%~2%, and the dosage of suspending agent is 0.5%~1%.


In addition, Carbomer, as a carboxyl polymer, has strong bioadhesive properties. Carbomer 934 has strong bioadhesive properties. The bioadhesive agents based on carbomer 934 have been widely used in clinic, such as nasal bioadhesive agents, vaginal bioadhesive agents, rectal bioadhesive agents, oral or oral bioadhesive agents, etc.


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