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Application of 3-cyclohexylaminopropanesulfonic acid in New Coatings

China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
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Application of 3-cyclohexylaminopropanesulfonic acid in New Coatings

Recently, a friend just bought a new house and was worried about the decoration. Because there are old people and children at home, we are very careful in choosing materials. Later, when I heard about this, I directly recommended him to buy water-based coatings containing caps, because my own company developed and produced caps products, from which I learned its advantages in coatings. In addition, people's awareness of health and environmental protection is becoming more and more intense. This trend forces industry giants to compete to develop new environmental protection coatings. Caps (3 - (cyclohexylamino) - 1-propane sulfonic acid) stands out in this competition and becomes the leader of new environmental protection coatings. Let me talk about why we should choose water-based coatings with caps. What role does caps play?


Caps, 3 - (cyclohexylamine) - 1-propanesulfonic acid, cas1135-40-6, is a member of good's buffer. Caps has a wide range of uses. The properties of 3-cyclohexylaminopropane sulfonic acid (CAPS) are relatively stable. The pKa value is 10.4 at 25 ° C, and the pH buffer range is 9.7-11.1.

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In the 1960s, a kind of polyurethane coating began to emerge. In most application fields, water dispersible polyisocyanate was modified by polyether to achieve non-ionic hydrophilic. Although this kind of hydrophilic polyisocyanate has been widely recognized in the market, it still has some defects, such as high viscosity. In the process of use, it needs to apply a large shear force to blend it into the water medium evenly. Especially when it is used as the crosslinking agent of waterborne two-component polyurethane coatings, it needs a high polyether content to ensure sufficient dispersion, which is very important It results in a long drying time and gives the coating lasting hydrophilicity.


In order to avoid these shortcomings, researchers have tried to prepare water dispersible polyisocyanates by adding ionic groups to hydrophilic modification, including carboxyl groups, sulfuric acid groups, hydroxyl groups, and hydroxysulfonic acid groups. However, there are still certain defects, such as carboxyl modified polymers, which are easy to gel, and the color of products modified by hydroxysulfonic acid is obviously yellow. Later, Bayer company reported the caps modified polyisocyanate in its patent cn1429240a. It was found that the caps modified polyisocyanate could be finely dispersed in water and the product was stable in storage. Aliphatic polyisocyanates reacted with caps under mild conditions and in the presence of tertiary amine neutralizer to obtain Sulfonate Modified polyisocyanate crosslinker


CAPS modified polyisocyanate has good storage stability. Even if it contains less sulfonate base group, it can also get very good emulsion in water. There are many market-oriented products, which can be used in a variety of environmentally friendly high-quality waterborne two-component polyurethane coatings. These coatings can fully achieve the performance of solvent based coatings in terms of drying, curing and chemical resistance. If the new regulations require further reduction of VOC, the amount of these crosslinking agents will increase greatly in the future, because compared with solvent based coatings, they will not lead to the deterioration of film quality. By using hydrophilic modified polyisocyanate and simple manual stirring, the uniform mixture of base material and crosslinking agent without cosolvent can be obtained.


As mentioned above, the water-based coatings market led by caps will seize the market share at a rapid speed. The application of caps in the field of biochemical industry is also rising step by step with the rapid development of the medical industry.


Caps developed and produced by Desheng company is not only used in new coatings, but also used in biochemical diagnostic kits, DNA / RNA extraction kits and PCR diagnostic kits. Customers in need are welcome to contact us.

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