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Application of blood anticoagulant lithium heparin (9045-22-1)

China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
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Application of blood anticoagulant lithium heparin (9045-22-1)

Heparin is common in clinical blood test with sodium salt and lithium salt, which has unique application value. Heparin has low chelating force, little influence on water molecule movement, less interference on blood components, no influence on red blood cell volume and no hemolysis. Therefore, heparin is recommended as anticoagulant in a variety of tests based on whole blood or plasma.


It is suitable for erythrocyte fragility test, blood gas analysis, hematocrit test, hemorheology and emergency biochemical determination. In the detection of pH value, blood gas, electrolyte and calcium ion, heparin is the only anticoagulant that can be used, and heparin lithium has the least possibility of interference in the detection of non lithium ions, so it is recommended to use heparin lithium as anticoagulant. At present, heparin lithium is gradually replacing heparin sodium in blood test.

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Heparin lithium is a chemical substance and an important member of blood anticoagulant. The appearance is white to nearly white powder with CAS No. 9045-22-1. The titers were divided into 150u, 160u, 170u and 180u. Heparin anticoagulants commonly used include sodium, potassium, lithium and ammonium salts of heparin, among which heparin lithium is the first.


Application of heparin lithium anticoagulant

1. Biochemical test for patients after hemodialysis: the blood sample of patients after hemodialysis is a special sample faced by the laboratory departments of many hospitals, and many inspectors often feel helpless when facing such samples. This is because hemodialysis patients use anticoagulant drugs containing heparin, such as low-molecular-weight heparin calcium, etc. in the process of hemodialysis, because there is a certain amount of heparin anticoagulant drugs in the blood, it is very difficult to coagulate and separate the bleeding clear after blood extraction in the common tube or separation gel / coagulant tube.


It has been reported that the detection of blood K with heparin lithium anticoagulant plasma and serum is biased, which may be caused by the high rotation speed of blood sample during centrifugation, the red blood cells in the blood clot of fibrin silk mesh are crushed, hemolytic, and the K ions in the red blood cells are released to the serum. In addition, a small amount of red blood cells will inevitably be destroyed during the transportation and coagulation of blood samples, resulting in slightly higher blood K.

latest company news about Application of blood anticoagulant lithium heparin (9045-22-1)  1

It is also reported that there are significant differences in CK-MB, LDH, Glu between heparin lithium anticoagulant plasma and serum, which may be due to hemolysis or long storage time of blood glucose decomposition. On the contrary, heparin anticoagulant has the advantages of not affecting the cell volume and causing hemolysis easily. It does not need to be placed in a water bath and can be centrifuged directly. The blood K, Glu, LDH measured by heparin lithium anticoagulant plasma are more close to the real concentration of patients. Therefore, establishing the reference value system of plasma biochemical test as soon as possible is helpful for clinicians to make accurate judgment on patients' condition.


2. For routine biochemical tests: the results show that heparin lithium anticoagulant plasma can be used to replace serum in most routine biochemical test items, but the reference range of plasma should be established for Glu, K +, Na +, CI -, P3 -, and other items can be used to explain the results of plasma test with serum reference range; LP (a), PA, HBDH, LDH, CK, CKMB, IgM Plasma Lp (a) increased with the increase of heparin concentration.


Desheng has 15 years of rich experience in the development and production of blood anticoagulants. It is an old manufacturer of blood collection additives. The product has high purity of heparin lithium and heparin sodium, and the packaging can be made according to the needs of customers. Desheng biochemical insists on providing customers with high quality products and professional services.

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