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Company News About Application of buffer taps(CAS29915-38-6) in kit

Application of buffer taps(CAS29915-38-6) in kit

Application of buffer taps(CAS29915-38-6) in kit

Before we learn about biological buffers taps, let's know what is a diagnostic kit? What is the relationship between taps and kit?


Diagnostic kit is a kind of qualitative and quantitative test for body fluids, blood and other substances reflecting human health.


3-((1,3-Dihydroxy-2-(Hydroxymethyl)Propan-2-Yl)Amino)Propane-1-Sulfonic Acid (TAPS) is a kind of amphoteric buffer widely used in biochemistry and molecular biology. It has a pH buffer range of 7.7-9.1 and is soluble in water (25g / 50ml). In clinical diagnosis, taps as a biological buffer is used in biochemical diagnostic kit, DNA / RNA extraction kit and PCR diagnostic kit.


It can be seen that taps is one of the raw materials of our kit.

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Desheng buffer taps


[purpose] as a buffer system commonly used in DNA screening system, it can also be used as a buffer component of RNA sample. It is suitable for electron transfer and phosphorylation research of chloroplast thin layer preparation. It can protect oxyhemoglobin from oxidation to methemoglobin during freeze-drying process. It can also be used as a background electrolyte for protein microanalysis by capillary zone electrophoresis.


[product advantage] purity ≥ 99%, good water solubility, stable process, can ensure the appearance of pure white crystal.


[note] the secondary product only needs to be stored at room temperature. It can't see strong light. It needs a container device with better shading. The place where it is placed should be moistureproof and dry. If the secondary product can't be used up at one time, it is recommended to pack it into the amount you need each time and seal the bottle well, so as to avoid moisture absorption or product quality problems.


Taps, toos, Maos, tops and other buffer products produced by Desheng have white crystal, high purity (more than 99%), good solubility, and absorbance < 0.05, which are different from light blue or brown products on the market.


Desheng technology's product quality and technology in China's local market has been widely recognized and used by customers. We will continue to develop and research advanced biochemical reagents to meet the needs of the development of global medical laboratory science and technology and strive for human health.