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Company News About Application of carbomer hand-washing disinfection gel

Application of carbomer hand-washing disinfection gel

Application of carbomer hand-washing disinfection gel

Hand-washing sanitizing gel is a daily chemical product that is often used in daily life. Because of the new crown epidemic, it has made it widely welcomed by the public. Carbomer 980, a very important raw material in the sanitizing gel, has also become more and more biochemical. Favored by reagent manufacturers.


Carbomer is used in hand sanitizing gel. The main reason is its thickening, viscosity and permeability. Compared with hand sanitizer, most people prefer gel products. Carbomer can be used to change the solution. It is gel-like, which is more durable and easier to use than liquids. The concentration of carbomer is basically in the range of 0.2%-0.5%. Carbomer can make the liquid system have a special yield value and rheology. Only a very low concentration can make some insoluble additives (particles, oil droplets) Etc.) Achieve permanent suspension.


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It is precisely because of the strong levitation ability of carbomer that carbomer is widely used. In addition, carbomer can achieve a good transparency effect when used in hand washing and disinfection gel. After being neutralized and ionized by the carboxyl group, due to the mutual repulsion of negative charges, the molecular chain is dispersed and stretched, showing a greatly expanded state. It is sticky, and these characteristics undoubtedly make Carbomer one of the important raw materials for hand-washing disinfection.


The most notable feature of the use of hand-washing disinfection gel is that it avoids repeated washing, does not need to be washed with water, and can effectively inhibit and remove bacteria from the hands. Especially in summer, the growth rate of bacteria increases, especially intestinal pathogens, pyogenic cocci, yeasts and other pathogens. The main bactericidal component of the hand-washing disinfection gel is ethanol. If it has antibacterial effect, there will be other antibacterial agents, and some use guanidine substances to inhibit bacteria. The content of antibacterial agents is generally a few tenths of a percent, up to 23%, and the national standard also has clear requirements for the content of various antibacterial agents.


With the spread of the new crown epidemic at home and abroad, the supply of disinfection products is in short supply in a short period of time. Especially the disposable hand sanitizer used to sterilize hands when going out has been snatched wildly. Carbomer 980 is used as the free hand sanitizer. As one of the ingredients, many manufacturers have raised their prices. Some manufacturers cannot supply normally because of too many orders. However, as one of the newly developed manufacturers of carbomer products, Desheng can not only guarantee the normal supply of products, but also maintain the prices. Does not rise, is a true conscientious producer.