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Company News About Application of carbomer in skin care products

Application of carbomer in skin care products

Application of carbomer in skin care products

Today, the environmental ecology around us is deteriorating day by day. Constant smog and dust particles in the air will cause the eyes to dry out continuously. The pharmacy has a variety of facial care products, and its main ingredient contains one called carbomer. Before using carbomer, you need to read the carbomer instructions carefully and understand its meaning.


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In the picture, the experimenter uses NaOH to convert the white powder into a transparent gel.

1) Pharmacological properties
Carbomer can interact with mucin on the stratum corneum. The product is produced in the form of a colorless powder. The drug penetrates into the stratum corneum epithelium, and hydrogen bonds are generated due to carboxylic acid residues, and there is a viscous protein in it. The main advantage of this product is its adhesion in the stratum corneum. A protective layer is formed, which wets the stratum corneum and strengthens the mucin layer.
Carbomers are macromolecules that contain compounds or monomers. The main advantage is the absorption and retention of water, their volume will change and reach a large size.

2) Carbomer in external skin products
Carbomer can be seen in skin care products, such as foot care; toothpaste and sunscreen cosmetics. Carbomer also has the following advantages: forming a moisturizing film; sticky and non-toxic. It is not mutagenic and teratogenic, which has been confirmed by long-term testing. Carbomer does not accumulate and does not penetrate into the eyeballs and blood.
Before using the thickener, you first need to neutralize it. It is possible to obtain a sticky consistency. Neutralization forms a molecular network that retains moisture. When diluted with liquid, the powder turns into a gel and becomes transparent. Use NaOH or potassium hydroxide to convert the powder into a gel.

3) Carbomer in cosmetics
Carbomer is used as a thickening regulator in cosmetology. It is most commonly added to pastes, creams, gels, and bath products. It is widely used to make decorative cosmetics for the eyes. Carbomer is present in the following formulations: the raw material carbomer is used in powder form. After being diluted with liquid, it becomes a viscous emulsion and is used as a thickening agent. During the dilution, the substance will not lose its properties and useful qualities. The main advantage of this cosmetic is moisturizing. Carbomer-based creams refresh and soothe the skin without creating an oily film.

4) Where to buy
Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional carbomer manufacturer, which has been supplying mainstream carbomer 940/980 series for many years, and supports customized formulations to produce carbomer raw materials for different application environments. Collaborate to develop a carbomer suitable for specific scenarios.