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Company News About Application of Chromogenic Reagent,TOOS

Application of Chromogenic Reagent,TOOS

Application of Chromogenic Reagent,TOOS

Application of Chromogenic Reagent,TOOS


    3-(N-ethyl-m-toluidino)-2-hydroxypropane-sulfonic acid sodium salt (abbreviation is TOOS) is also named Sodium 3-(N-ethyl-3-methylanilino)-2-hydroxypropanesulfonate, which is a white powder with molecular formula of C12H19NO4S.Na and molecular weight is 331.36.

TOOS is also called EHSPT, is often used in the following test kits: adenosine dehydrogenase detection kits for liver function testing, 5'-nucleotidase detection kits, glucose detection kits in blood glucose metabolism, glycation Albumin detection kit, 1,5-anhydroglucitol detection kit.TOOS with good characteristics water-solubility, high sensitivity and strong stability.


    The new Trinder's reagents are highly water-soluble aniline derivatives that are widely used in diagnostic assays and biochemical tests. They have several advantages over conventional chromogenic reagents in the colorimetric determination of hydrogen peroxide activity.The new Trinder's reagents are stable enough to be used with both in solution and experimental pipeline detection systems. With hydrogen peroxide and peroxidase, the new Trinder's reagent react with 4-aminoantipyrine (4-AA) or 3-Methylbenzothiazolesulfonehydrazone,and form a very stable purple or blue dye.The molar absorbance of dye formed by new trinders’ reagent reacting with MBTH is 1.5-2 times higher than with 4-AA; But MBTH solution is more stable. The substrate is enzymatically oxidized by its oxidase to produce hydrogen peroxide. The concentration of this hydrogen peroxide corresponds to the concentration of the substrate. Therefore, the amount of the substrate can be determined by the color of the oxidative coupling reaction. Glucose, alcohol , acyl-CoA, and cholesterol can be used to detect those substrates coupled to the Trinder's reagents and 4-AA.TOOS is the most commonly used among 10 novel trinder’s reagent.However, it is necessary to develop more kinds of trinder’s reagent to match the specific substrates.


    The chromogenic reagents produced by Desheng are impeccable in terms of purity, sensitivity, stability and appearance. The strict control of raw materials by quality inspection department from storage to production,guarantee the quality of chromogenic reagent.Only an enterprise that focuses on product research and development can provide customers with assurance. pls contact visit our website.