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Company News About Application of EDTA disodium in vacuum blood collection and cosmetics

Application of EDTA disodium in vacuum blood collection and cosmetics

Application of EDTA disodium in vacuum blood collection and cosmetics

EDTA disodium is a common metal chelating agent widely used in various fields, including medicine, cosmetics, and food processing. It mainly serves as an anticoagulant for vacuum blood collection. In cosmetics, it is mainly used as a chelating agent to chelate metal ions in other raw materials and prevent them from causing harm to the skin. Let's take a closer look together!


1、 The basic properties and functions of EDTA disodium


EDTA disodium, chemically known as ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid disodium, is a strong acid containing four carboxyl groups that can form stable chelates with most metal ions. Its chelation mainly relies on the formation of stable coordination bonds between its four carboxyl groups and metal ions. This chelation can effectively prevent metal ions from precipitating in the solution, thereby stabilizing the solution.


2、 Application of EDTA disodium in vacuum blood collection


In medical experiments, vacuum blood collection vessels are used to collect blood samples from patients for various medical tests. During this process, EDTA disodium was used as an anticoagulant. Its working principle is to chelate with calcium ions in the blood, preventing calcium ions from participating in the blood coagulation process, thereby playing an anticoagulant role. Meanwhile, EDTA disodium can also protect platelets in the blood and improve the quality of blood samples. In addition to EDTA disodium, commonly used anticoagulants include EDTA dipotassium and EDTA tripotassium. Generally, the selection of usage will be based on specific testing items.


3、 Application of EDTA Disodium in Cosmetics


In the field of cosmetics, EDTA disodium is mainly used as a chelating agent and antioxidant. As a chelating agent, it can avoid the interference of metal ions on the active ingredients in cosmetics and improve the stability of the product. At the same time, it can also chelate heavy metal ions in cosmetics, such as lead and mercury, to prevent their damage to the skin. As an antioxidant, it can protect the oils and vitamins in cosmetics from oxidation, thereby extending the shelf life of the product.


4、 The Safety of EDTA Disodium


Although EDTA disodium has wide applications in many fields, its safety still needs attention. Studies have shown that excessive use of cosmetics containing disodium EDTA may cause some adverse reactions. Excessive addition of EDTA solution to blood collection vessels can lead to deviation in blood test sample results. Therefore, whether using vacuum blood collection or as a cosmetic ingredient, it is necessary to strictly follow the ratio and relevant regulations for operation to ensure safe and effective use.


It is worth noting that although EDTA disodium is used in vacuum blood collection and cosmetics, the quality, grade, and product price are completely different. EDTA disodium usually exists in powder form on the market, and from the appearance, there is no significant difference. Therefore, before purchasing, it is necessary to determine the product grade and make the selection.


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