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Company News About Application of serum separation gel

Application of serum separation gel

Application of serum separation gel

Serum separation gel is a kind of viscous fluid, which contains a large number of hydrogen bonds. Due to the association of hydrogen bonds, a network structure is formed. Under the action of centrifugal force, the network structure is destroyed and becomes a low viscosity fluid. When the centrifugal force disappears, the network structure is formed again and the fluid with high viscosity is restored. This property is called thixotropy. A kind of serum separation gel can be made by using this property. When the gel and the coagulated blood are centrifuged in the same tube, the gel forms a gel like isolation layer between the serum and the blood clot to separate the serum from the blood clot. Therefore, it can improve the recovery rate of serum and keep the serum in the original state, simplify the clinical test process and improve the work efficiency.

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Nowadays, medical laboratory technology has entered a new era of full automation and microcomputer management. In the field of clinical laboratory, no matter in clinical chemistry, serology, immunology and other detection, most of the samples used need to separate serum. How to separate serum quickly and sufficiently and simplify the operation is an urgent problem for medical laboratory. The application of Desheng serum separation gel is expected to solve this problem.


The main use of serum separation gel is that it can form an isolation layer between the cell components of blood and serum, effectively prevent the material exchange between blood cells and serum, ensure the stability of serum components in a certain period of time, and make the detection results closer to the biochemical level. The blood coagulation time of blood can be shortened by adding Desheng coagulant separation gel, and the serum can be quickly obtained and processed After centrifugation, the separation layer can adhere to the test tube tightly. The serum can be directly absorbed by the automatic analyzer in the original state, or stored in cold storage. The long-distance transportation does not affect the detection results, but also avoids the influence of fibrin and hemolysis.

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In addition, a series of processes including blood sample injection, serum separation, direct serum sampling by analyzer, blood sample preservation and waste disposal are all carried out in the same branch pipe, which can avoid the pollution of blood samples, prevent the virus infection in the blood, and ensure the biological safety of the inspection process.


At present, there are three types of separation adhesive: transparent, translucent and opaque. The conventional packaging includes 20kg / barrel and 25kg / barrel, plastic bucket and iron bucket.