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Company News About Applications of Carbomer 940

Applications of Carbomer 940

Applications of Carbomer 940

Facial skin care products and sunscreen products account for 65% and 10% respectively of the skin care products retail market. This market is developing very fast with increasingly fierce competition and sophisticated consumers. Consumers who value time have been looking for high-efficiency and multifunctional products.High cost efficiency can not only save money, but also greatly save the time for skin care. The fiercely competitive market drives brands to look for better solutions. Especially popular brands, hope to promote their brand value in their cost-effective and multifunctional products.Carbomer polymers 940 play an important role in the personal care industry.


With different structures, Carbomer polymers 940 can provide functions such as thickening, changing rheological texture, emulsification stabilization, film-forming, regulating skin feel, and improving skin. In order to provide all of the above functions and make it easy to use. Desheng has made this idea a reality, let's take a look at what properties this polymer can bring to your skin care, sunscreen and makeup formulations.Carbomer polymers 940 is an all-in-one functional product for the development of skincare, makeup and sun protection products with broad compatibility, high functionality and a soft, powdery finish.


Features and Benefits:

✔ Has multiple functions

✔ Special skin feel characteristics: soft, powdery after-feel

✔ Emulsifying performance is not affected by HLB value

✔ Only 1% dosage can provide efficient film-forming properties, improve skin barrier and reduce skin moisture loss

✔ Compatible with high levels of metal oxides and clays such as 17% kaolin

✔ Diverse feeling experience

✔ The polymer exhibits a longer Newtonian fluid phase, resulting in a thicker, more homogeneous film on the skin

✔Polymer provides shear thinning properties for good skin spreading. Compounding with co-thickeners can increase yield for good stability.



● In order to prevent the product from foaming, the stirring speed should be low speed to prevent the introduction of air.

● Carbomer polymers 940 can be pre-formulated with humectants as dispersions (polyols, etc.).

● Carbopol polymers 940 have the ability of shear thinning, and the longer the shear time is, the slower the viscosity recovery will be, and even cause the permanent loss of viscosity.

● Carbomer polymers 940 is not affected by temperature, does not support the growth of microorganisms and molds, and does not have surfactant properties.

● UV irradiation will cause irreversible loss of viscosity of Carbomer polymers 940 .


Desheng Carbomer polymers 940 can provide the functional of emulsion stability, rheology modification, film formation, toner dispersion, etc. Now the products have been sold all over the world, and have been unanimously praised after testing. If you are looking for direct manufacturer of carbomer , welcome to contact us.