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Company News About Are plastic tubes, glass tubes all suitable for EDTA K2 anticoagulant?

Are plastic tubes, glass tubes all suitable for EDTA K2 anticoagulant?

Are plastic tubes, glass tubes all suitable for  EDTA K2 anticoagulant?

Are plastic tubes, glass tubes all suitable for EDTA K2 anticoagulant?


In recent years, the series of vacuum blood collection tubes used for blood samples have become mainstream. In the past, after blood samples were drawn, waiting for blood coagulation, blood centrifugation, and measuring storage time not only affected the analysis results, but also lengthened the entire time period. In order to improve efficiency, it was later developed to add anticoagulant or coagulant, serum separation gel, etc. to blood collection tubes. The more commonly used is EDTA anticoagulant, which greatly facilitates clinical blood testing.


At the same time, in order to prevent cross-infection safety hazards, standardize the testing of blood collection technology, and then there will be a complete set of whole blood collection tubes, including plastic tubes and glass tubes. The vacuum test tube added to EDTA K2 anticoagulant can be either a plastic tube or a glass tube. The overall performance of EDTA K2 anticoagulant has no fundamental connection with the test tube, but these two tubes have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let me introduce to you the difference between EDTA plastic tubes and glass tubes.


1. Glass tube

After blood collection, the inner wall of the glass test tube will often absorb water molecules. As the blood sample is placed, the potassium or enzyme substances in blood cells will diffuse into the serum through water molecules. Complete the blood test as soon as possible within hours, and the use of glass test tubes will further shorten the blood storage time, and the glass tubes are easy to break, which is extremely inconvenient for transportation.


2. Plastic tube

Although the plastic tube is easy to transport and not easy to break, its water retention is not good, and it is easy to cause the sprayed EDTA K2 solvent to evaporate within a certain period of time. However, PET plastic vacuum blood collection tubes are more special. Under low temperature conditions, such as Specimens can also be preserved at -20°C, which is difficult for ordinary plastic and glass test tubes.

Nowadays, some fast-growing blood collection tube companies have produced double-layer plastic tubes. This kind of test tube not only does not evaporate the solution, but also solves the transportation problem. Of course, its production cost is relatively high.


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