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Company News About Biological buffers TRIS derivatives TES and Bis-Tri

Biological buffers TRIS derivatives TES and Bis-Tri

Biological buffers TRIS derivatives TES and Bis-Tri

TRIS is a commonly used biological buffer. It is widely used in the field of biochemistry and is also an important chemical raw material. For example, common Tris-HCL, TAE, TES, Bis-Tris, etc. are synthesized from it. . This article will introduce the TRIS derivative TES and Bis-Tris in detail.
1. TES (Tris ethanesulfonic acid)
TES Chinese name: Tris ethanesulfonic acid, CAS number: 7365-44-8, TES has a structure similar to Trizma, and is one of the ethanesulfonic acid series physiological buffers developed by Good et al. It meets various standards of "Good" buffers , although the structure is a neutral molecule, it still behaves as a zwitterion in solution. TES has a pKa of 7.4 (physiological pH), making it a very versatile biological buffer.
TES is suitable for use in a variety of cell culture systems that require divalent metal ions, whereas many other buffers (such as citrate or phosphate) cause chelation or precipitation reactions that make this requirement unsatisfactory. In addition, TES is extremely beneficial to study the succinic acid oxidation reaction.
2. Bis-Tris (bis-trimethane hydrochloride)
Bis-Tris full name in Chinese: Bis (2-hydroxyhexyl) amino (trimethylol) methane, CAS number: 6976-37-0, is an inert zwitterionic buffer, its solution varies with temperature There are only slight changes from the constant. Bis-Tris can ionize hydrogen ions in a small amount, has weak acidity, and is suitable for weakly acidic buffer systems. Due to the introduction of two hydroxyethyl groups in Tris, there are many atoms providing lone pairs of electrons, and it has complexing ability for some metal ions. EDTA or Bicine are similar.
Bis-Tris is suitable for the separation of hemoglobin, and can protect the stability of hemoglobin during freeze-dried storage. Useful as an effective buffer for assays of muscle enzyme activity. 2-D gel electrophoresis is used as the catholyte in isoelectric focusing electrophoresis (IEF).
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