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Company News About Blood anticoagulants lithium heparin for ollecting blood vessels

Blood anticoagulants lithium heparin for ollecting blood vessels

Blood anticoagulants lithium heparin for ollecting blood vessels

In the modern medical field, the collection and analysis of blood samples are very common clinical operations, and blood testing is one of the important ways for doctors to diagnose and monitor the health status of patients. To ensure that the collected blood samples do not coagulate after collection and to ensure accurate experimental results, appropriate anticoagulants need to be used. And the heparin lithium collection tube is one of them, and its working principle and application will be introduced below.


1、 The working principle of heparin lithium


Heparin lithium is an anticoagulant reagent, usually prepared as a solution from powder and sprayed onto the inner wall of blood collection vessels. Its main function is to prevent blood from clotting after collection, ensuring that the blood sample remains in its original state for subsequent testing. The anticoagulant mechanism is mainly due to the fact that heparin lithium can bind with antithrombin III (AT-III) to form the heparin AT-III complex. AT-III is a naturally occurring protease inhibitor that can reduce the activity of coagulation factors such as Xa and IIa. By binding to AT-III, coagulation factors are inactivated, thereby inhibiting the formation of prothrombin kinase and further preventing blood clotting.


2、 Application of heparin lithium collection tube


Lithium heparin collection tubes have a wide range of applications in medical laboratories and clinical practice. Firstly, it is commonly used in biochemical tests to evaluate liver function, kidney function, glucose metabolism, lipid metabolism, etc. It can ensure that blood samples remain stable after collection, thereby providing reliable detection results. In addition, in coagulation tests, it is necessary to analyze coagulation factors in the plasma, such as PT (prothrombin time) and APTT (activated partial coagulation time). The heparin lithium collection tube can ensure the stability of the plasma and is suitable for these tests.


3、 Precautions for using heparin lithium collection tubes


To ensure sufficient anticoagulation of the blood in the collection tube, the blood sample should be reversed and mixed 5-8 times as soon as possible after collection, especially when the blood collection environment is above 25 degrees Celsius. Effective contact between the blood and heparin lithium must be ensured, otherwise local coagulation and non coagulation may occur, which is not conducive to subsequent testing. In addition, as heparin anticoagulation is not irreversible, the collection tube should be tested within 6 hours after blood collection and should not be left idle for a long time, which may cause accidents.


Overall, the use of heparin lithium collection tubes in medical laboratories ensures the accuracy and reliability of blood samples, helping medical staff to make accurate diagnoses and treatments. This anticoagulant is also recognized as an ideal anticoagulant in the medical field. Note that when using heparin lithium collection tubes, it is necessary to follow standard blood collection procedures and operating procedures to ensure the quality of the collected samples.


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