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Company News About Blood Collection Tubes’s Anticoagulant,EDTA-K3

Blood Collection Tubes’s Anticoagulant,EDTA-K3

Blood Collection Tubes’s Anticoagulant,EDTA-K3

Tripotassium ethylenediaminetetraacetate, abbreviation is EDTA-K3.As an amino polycarboxylate, it has a strong ability to bind metal ions.And it’s often used as a compounding agent for hard water softeners, removal of scale in boilers,rare element separation agent, antidote for heavy metal mercury, etc. The EDTA K3 produced by our company is mainly used as an anticoagulant in vitro in blood collection tubes to deal with blood samples in the process of clinical blood collection and testing.


Dissolving the EDTA-K3 powder with a certain amount of distilled water,a solution of the required concentration prepared.The inject it into the blood collection tube to form an EDTA-K3 anticoagulant. EDTA-K3 is liquid in glass blood collection tubes and mist in plastic one. After the EDTA-K3 in the blood collection tube contacts the blood sample, it conjugates and blocks the calcium ions coagulation effect in the blood,and stops the blood coagulation from the external source.


EDTA-K3 does not destroy the components of blood cells.It has no effect on the number and size of white blood cells, and hardly affects the shape of red blood cells. It is often used in routine blood tests such as separating and testing of platelets. Combined with our sodium fluoride and separating gel, the anticoagulation effect of EDTA-K3 will be better. The anticoagulation of EDTA-K3 is reversible over a certain period of time. So to ensure the accuracy of the test results, please complete the test within 24 hours.


Compared with sodium citrate anticoagulants and lithium heparin anticoagulants, EDTA-K3 is more effective in inhibiting platelet aggregation.When EDTA-K3 anticoagulation was used for blood analysis, unexplained low platelet counts were found. Therefore, it is not suitable for the examination of platelet kinetic energy. As an anticoagulant, it is not suitable for coagulation experiments.Due to its excellent ability to conjugate metals, it naturally cannot be used in systems containing calcium, potassium, sodium, iron and other metal ions. In addition, EDTA-K3 cannot be used for the determination of alkaline phosphatase and leucine peptidase.


Hubei Desheng is committed to producing high-quality, high-character EDTA-K3 powder We strictly control the pH value, temperature, impurities and drying time of the production solution. Our factory sells directly with competitive price. Welcome new and frequent customers to inquiry.