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Company News About Blood Collection Tubes with Different Additives

Blood Collection Tubes with Different Additives

Blood Collection Tubes with Different Additives

Vacuum lancets are mainly used for blood collection and preservation. It is composed of vacuum blood collection tube,needle (including straight needle and scalp blood collection needle), needle holder and blood collection tube additives, which are used to meet multiple comprehensive blood tests in clinical practice. Different blood collection tube additives are used in different biochemical and immune and other clinical medical tests. According to the different additives of blood collection tubes, vacuum blood collection tubes are generally divided into three types, anti-coagulant,anticoagulant,and serum separation gel blood collection tubes.


Anti-anticoagulant Blood Collection Tubes

Different anticoagulants are added to the blood collection tubes for specific test items .An anticoagulant tube filled with heparin sodium is used for blood gas analysis, hematocrit test, erythrocyte sedimentation rate and general energy biochemical determination, and red blood cell fragility test.For plasma separation and testing, electrolyte testing,then blood collection tube with Desheng’s serum separation gel and heparin Lithium.EDTA anticoagulant tubes are used for general hematology tests.For blood sugar testing,anticoagulant tubes containing potassium oxalate or sodium fluoride are used.


Coagulant blood collection tubes

For coagulant blood collection tubes,silicone oil sprayed over the wall to prevent hanging,and coagulant reagent is added.Coagulant reagent can activate fibrin protease which turn soluble fibrin into insoluble fibrin aggregates, and then form stable fibrin clots. Rapid blood coagulation with physical reaction,no need other heating facilities.After the blood collection is completed,put the tubes straight for 15 minutes and then centrifuge under 16℃. Which can make high-purity serum can be obtained for general emergency biochemistry.


Blood collection tubes with serum separating gel

It’s a kind of blood collection tubes containing serum separating gel and coagulant. The tube wall is siliconized and coated with coagulant to accelerate blood coagulation and shorten the test time. The separation gel in the tube has a good affinity with the PET tube and plays an isolation role. Generally, even on a common centrifuge, the separation gel can completely separate and accumulate the liquid components (serum) and solid components (blood cells) in the blood. And form a barrier in the test tube. No oil droplets are produced in the serum after centrifugal to clog the machine.Blood collection tubes with serum separation gel are mainly used for serum biochemistry (liver function, kidney function, myocardial enzyme, amylase, etc.), electrolytes (serum potassium, sodium, chloride, calcium, phosphorus, etc.), thyroid function, drug testing, AIDS testing, tumor markers, serum immunity study.


Hubei New Desheng Material Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of blood collection tube additives. After 17 years of research and production, 13 kinds of blood collection tube additives produced, including 8 anticoagulants: heparin sodium, heparin lithium, EDTA K2, EDTA K3,EDTA Na2, Potassium Oxalate, Trisodium Citrate, Sodium Fluoride; 2 coagulants: coagulation reagent, high-efficiency coagulation powder; 3 adjuvants: anti-irradiation separation gel,silicon oil, water-soluble silicide reagent. Product quality is guaranteed.Welcome to consult