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Company News About Brief introduction of polyacrylic acid 980

Brief introduction of polyacrylic acid 980

Brief introduction of polyacrylic acid 980

Carbomer 980 is a commonly used carbomer material. Carbomer is a high molecular polymer of acrylic acid allyl sucrose or pentaerythritol allyl ether. It is usually loose white micro acidic powder. It can produce high efficiency thickening under low dosage, thus producing wide viscosity range and rheological properties of emulsion, cream, gel and transdermal preparation.


The properties of different carbomer are slightly different, and different models represent different viscosities, which are called short rheological or long rheological. For example, Carbomer 940 has short rheological properties, and its viscosity reaches 63000 MPa. S at 0.5%, which is suitable for the application For high viscosity products, Carbopol 941 has long rheological properties, reaching a viscosity of 7500mpa. S at 0.5% Suitable for low viscosity products, Carbomer's corresponding models are ion resistant and ion resistant.


Carbomer 980 has good thickening property, high transparency, high viscosity and strong suspension ability. Carbomer 980 is widely used in daily chemical products, such as skin care emulsion, cream, transparent gel products, transparent skin care gel, hair styling gel, shampoo, shower gel and disinfectant free gel.


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Dissolution method in water or homogenizer:

First, add carbomer into deionized water according to the actual production requirements to dissolve it without stirring. After the carbomer absorbs water naturally, take it as the criterion that there is no white powder on the surface and no white agglomerate in the solution. Stir it evenly, and then add neutralizing agent (carbomer: neutralizing agent = 1:1) 1. Kapo 5% neutralizing agent solution = 1.4.5) adjust the pH value at about 7 to reach thickening state. Use a round tool or a disperser and stir evenly at low speed. By adding homogenizer, the white group can not be seen in the actual production proportion, and neutralizer is added to form the gel, then the vacuum emulsification pot is used to remove the air from the gel.


matters needing attention:

1. If the solution is dissolved by common methods, Carbomer can not be stirred in water, while stirring, Carbomer will form a white water ball, and bubbles are difficult to eliminate after neutralization;

2. After carbomer neutralization, long time stirring or high shear stirring will cause viscosity loss;

3. The existence of electrolyte will reduce the thickening efficiency of kapok resin;

4. Long term UV irradiation can reduce the viscosity of kapok resin.


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