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Company News About Can different models of Carbomer interchange with each other?

Can different models of Carbomer interchange with each other?

Can different models of Carbomer interchange with each other?

Carbomer is a copolymer of polyalkyl sucrose or polyalkyl pentaerythritol and acrylic acid cross-linked polymer. It can form a high-viscosity gel at a very low concentration (usually 0.2-1.0%) and is widely used Daily chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. But it has a lot of models, even with similar names, can these different models be replaced with each other?


The first thing you need to understand is the meaning of different models of carbomer, mainly based on the different materials used in polymerization and the degree of polymerization, so there are a variety of different specifications and models of carbomer. Commonly used in the market are carbomer 980, carbomer 940, carbomer U20, etc., and their thickening performance, emulsification performance, viscosity, shear resistance, etc. are different, so most cases cannot be replaced by each other of. Some characteristics of different carbomers are listed below:


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Carbomer Clear Gel
Carbomer 940: It is characterized by good thickening performance, extremely short rheology, high viscosity, medium clarity, low ion resistance and high shear resistance, suitable for creams, lotions and gels.


Carbomer 941: It is characterized by stable emulsification system, low viscosity, long rheology, high-definition clarity, medium ion resistance and low shear resistance. Even in ionic solutions, stable emulsions or high Transparent gel.


Carbomer 980: The viscosity is higher than 940, the ion resistance is better than 940, the transparency is equivalent, and it is nourishing than 940 when used in skin care products.


Carbomer U20: excellent dispersibility, high thickening performance, long rheology, good transparency, good suspending ability, stable emulsification system, and no stickiness. It can be used in creams or lotions instead of traditional carbomer 934 , Instead of Carbomer 940 or 980 for transparent gel.


Judging from the characteristics of the respective models, different carbomers are not completely irreplaceable, but generally speaking, the carbomer model used in a product is fixed, but for newly developed products, it is still necessary to test multiple models of carbomer. Therefore, it chooses the best performance, and with the update of technology, the development of better performance carbomers will come out, which will replace some traditional carbomers. Desheng Technology has many years of R&D and production experience in Carbomer and other acrylate polymer materials manufacturers, and welcomes users to communicate!