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Company News About Can heparin sodium anticoagulant tube do blood routine?

Can heparin sodium anticoagulant tube do blood routine?

Can heparin sodium anticoagulant tube do blood routine?

Can heparin sodium anticoagulant tube do blood routine?


    In recent years, the export volume of heparin sodium products has been rising, and sometimes the market will be in short supply, resulting in price fluctuations. At the same time, heparin sodium products are also favored by the medical industry. It can not only be added to test tubes, but also be prepared into drugs. It has a special role in reducing blood lipids and treating thrombotic diseases.


    In these applications, the use of anticoagulants added to blood collection vessels is relatively high, which not only provides strong support for emergency biochemical examination, but also further ensures the accuracy of the test results. Since it is widely used in clinic, can it be used for blood routine examination? Let's give you a detailed introduction.


    Production of heparin sodium


    It was found in the early stage that heparin sodium is a substance that exists in the internal organs of animals. However, due to the different use methods and production processes in different countries, its main source of extraction is also different. Generally, the main source of production in foreign countries is the lungs of cattle and sheep, while the main source of production in China is in the intestines of pigs.


    Application of heparin sodium


    As an important substance in the preparation of drugs, it can be used to prevent and treat myocardial and thrombotic diseases, and effectively prevent the blockage of blood vessels and the expansion of thrombus in patients. In addition, it is also an in vitro anticoagulant commonly used in test tubes. It is generally used in biochemical tests and plasma biochemical tests, not in blood routine tests.


    Reasons why heparin sodium is not used for routine blood test


    Blood routine test is one of the most commonly tested items in clinical practice. Medical staff often use blood to determine whether the patient has infection or platelet disease in the body. The whole process depends on coagulation factors to play its role, and it is also checked through four items of coagulation. Generally, they will choose to use EDTA anticoagulant tubes instead of heparin sodium anticoagulant.


    In addition, heparin sodium has its own unique anticoagulant characteristics, which will affect the whole coagulation process. The consequence of using it may be platelet damage. The accuracy of platelet data cannot be guaranteed in routine blood testing, so generally, heparin sodium anticoagulant tube will not be used and EDTA anticoagulant tube will be used.


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