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Company News About Carbomer 940 gel can originally be made with alkaline reagents like this

Carbomer 940 gel can originally be made with alkaline reagents like this

Carbomer 940 gel can originally be made with alkaline reagents like this

Carbomer is a white, loose powder with strong hygroscopic properties, soluble in water, ethanol and glycerin. It can be used as topical lotion, gel, cream. The overall carbomer gel system of neutral Ph under 7 environment is an excellent gel matrix, with crystal clear appearance, smooth and moisturizing touch, suitable for cream or gel preparation. At the same time, due to its simple addition process, it is easy to use. It feels comfortable afterwards, and is used in partial administration, especially in skin and eye gels. It has a wide range of applications. Although it can be combined with water to form a gel-like transparent milky alternation, it is not directly soluble in water like traditional inorganic salts. Today, we will introduce an alkaline preparation method to prepare an ideal carbomer gel solution. .


First weigh 1g of Carbomer 940 dry powder in a 50ml dry beaker. If you encounter agglomerates, please use a spoon to crush it. Then add 25ml of purified water, stir while adding, so that Carbomer 940 fully absorbs water and swells. Then you have to let the Carbomer 940 fully absorb water. Generally, after adding water and stirring, leave it for a few hours before the Carbomer 940 can fully swell. If you want to go faster, you can heat it in a water bath. While heating and stirring, it will form faster. Even slow heating can accelerate the water absorption and swelling process of Carbomer 940, and it takes 10 to 30 minutes. . Then use a dropper to add the lye, stirring while adding, and measuring the pH value. When the pH is adjusted to 7, the gel is well prepared. (Triethanolamine can be used for lye). At the same time make up the remaining amount of water. The total volume is maintained at 50ML.

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The formulated gel base can be directly or indirectly mixed with other raw materials to prepare various gels, as long as the carbo concentration is controlled to be no more than 0.8%, and it is more suitable to be about 0.5%. Only 0.5% ingredients are needed to make a gel product with good appearance and texture. It is like making a 100ml gel. Take 25g of a pre-prepared 2% polymer gel and add it to a 75ml formula. 100ml of 2% transparent gel contains the following components, decomposed as follows: 2gm gel powder + 98ml pure water + 0.5ml antibacterial agent + appropriate amount of neutralizer. DIY Carbomer 940 gel.


Need special reminder: Don't add anything indiscriminately! Such as soluble salts, very acidic solutions (lemonade, vinegar). The carbomer series 940 gel system becomes thin immediately. Although hyaluronic acid is also acidic, the added amount is small, which has little effect on the stability of the carbomer 940 gel system, so feel free to add it. Pure dew is slightly acidic, and the effect is not significant after adding.


Carbomer 940 itself has no nutrition, does not support the growth of bacteria and molds, but does not prevent bacteria and molds, and uses the nutrients present in the gel system to promote their growth. So don't mix too much at one time, add preservatives or essential oils as needed. )Ultraviolet rays have a certain effect on the Carbomer 940 gel system, so please keep it away from light. When formulating skin care products, it is appropriate to control the final concentration of Carbomer 940 not to exceed 0.8%. It is recommended that the concentration be around 0.5%. If the concentration exceeds 0.8%, it is easy to form film. Personally, I think the recommendation is about 0.7 is more beautiful, and the concentration is too thin, which belongs to another category-a thicker essence.


Desheng Biochemical was founded in 2005 and has been specialized in the R&D, production and sales of Carbomer 940/980 for many years. On the basis of many years of practice, independent intellectual property rights and professional R&D capabilities have been formed and produced. Provide products and raw material solutions for domestic and foreign daily-use washing and cosmetics manufacturers.