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Company News About Carbomer 940 price

Carbomer 940 price

Carbomer 940 price

Carbomer 940 is a kind of polyacrylic acid cross-linked polymer, mainly used for thickening of daily chemical products. It can achieve the effect at very low concentration. Carbomer 940 is usually used to increase the viscosity of cosmetics such as shampoo, shower gel, detergent, and some creams. Most daily chemical products contain this ingredient, so as a chemical product with such a wide range of applications, The price of Carbomer 940 is a general concern of buyers.

As a necessary raw material for hand-washing gel, Carbomer 940 has been in short supply during the epidemic this year, and the price has fluctuated greatly. After the epidemic has gradually subsided, as more Carbomer 940 manufacturers are put into production In China, the price of Carbomer 940 is slowly returning to a stable level. As a domestic high-quality carbomer manufacturer, the price is very competitive, and the quality of Carbomer 940 is on par with imported products.

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Recently, the sales department of Desheng reported that many customers went offline after consulting the price of Carbomer 940 because they did not get a clear reply. They went offline without a trace. Here we must be fair to the customer service. Is the online customer service available? Knowing the specific order quantity, it is impossible to give a clear response. The 940 kg price of Carbomer is definitely different from the ton price. This is the same as retail or wholesale. Large quantities are more favorable. The same applies to the chemical industry, so it is very important to remember to clearly express the order requirements when consulting the price of Carbomer 940.

In addition, if you want to find Carbomer 940 with high quality and low price, it is a wiser choice to find a factory direct seller. In order to seize the current carbomer market enthusiasm, many merchants purchase Carbomer raw materials at low prices and provide them to buyers. It has caused many unqualified phenomena after use, because the product is not developed and produced by itself. Once there is a quality problem, there is no after-sales guarantee. Desheng develops and produces carbomer by itself, which gives buyers a "boosting shot". It not only provides product quality assurance, but also solves customers' troubles. In addition, the price of Carbomer 940 is much lower than other merchants, so it is a very wise choice to choose Desheng.

Desheng has always insisted on providing customers with high-quality, cost-effective products. If the quantity of Carbomer 940 you need is relatively large, you can enjoy price concessions. The current ton-level price is 130 yuan/kg. In addition, Desun can also provide free samples of Carbomer 940. You can follow other products on the market. For comparison, Desheng always believes that good products can withstand the test of the market. If you have a need, you can click on the official website to consult customer service.