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Company News About Carbomer international cosmetic raw materials

Carbomer international cosmetic raw materials

Carbomer international cosmetic raw materials

Now there are various cosmetic brands, and their components are various. You may as well look at the major cosmetic components, and you will find that there is a "shadow" of carbomer. Such as eye gel, Estee Lauder, Laneige sleep mask and so on, all of which will undoubtedly use carbomer modulated gel.


Carbomer is a crosslinked acrylic polymer, which can be neutralized by alkaline material to form transparent gel after being dissolved in water. After carboxy group is ionized by carbomer neutralization, the molecular chain is dispersed and extended due to mutual repulsion of negative charges, showing a state of great expansion and viscosity. It can produce highly effective thickening effect at very low dosage.


The low concentration of additives (such as POM) can make the oil insoluble and rheological. Therefore, Carbomer is widely used in personal care products, such as skin care, hair care products, toothpaste and other products. Therefore, Carbomer can be found in many international cosmetics.

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Carbomer is the key raw material for making skin care products and glue. After the neutralization, the carbomer gel is easy to absorb, and has a very important influence in skin care products. It can make the various ingredients in skin care products integrated and make them fit in a stable state. What is the magic card's function in cosmetics?


1. Skin care

Carbomer has a significant maintenance effect on human skin. It has a certain infectious power on human skin. It is usually applied in skin care products added with Carbomer, which can maintain the skin, reduce the irritation and damage to human skin and skin mucosa, and avoid a variety of allergic symptoms.


2. UV resistant

Carbomer has a certain specificity, it can improve the resistance of human skin to ultraviolet light after wiping on the surface of the body skin, and reduce the damage of ultraviolet light on the body skin. The sunscreen isolation cosmetics added carbomer has a very ideal sunscreen isolation effect, can avoid rough skin, and can also avoid the skin being burned by ultraviolet light.


3. Reduce viscosity

Carbomer has a certain degree of looseness, and it is a kind of slightly acidic material with strong water absorption. When making skin care products, Carbomer can be added in an appropriate amount. It can reduce the consistency of this material and keep their characteristics stable. In today's industrial production, Carbomer is the key raw material for making skin care products and skin care products.


4. Anti inflammation and sterilization

Carbomer is also a kind of pure natural medicinal value ingredient, which can eliminate inflammation and bacteria. Carbomer eye drops sold in the pharmaceutical market today are therapeutic drugs made of carbomer as the key raw material, which have excellent effect in removing inflammation around human eyes.


5. Ensure the quality of skin care products

Carbomer is an organic chemical neutralizer, which has a very key influence in the production of skin care products. It can make a variety of ingredients in skin care products integrated together, and make them in a stable and suitable situation. The skin care products added carbomer will have excellent cultivation substrate, and you will feel very comfortable after wiping on the skin.


Desheng is a manufacturer of carbomer in China. Its carbomer series products include carbomer 940 and 980. It has been proved by many tests that all indexes meet international standards. Desheng cabom has been exported to more than 20 or 30 countries, and has rich experience in export. If you need to solve the problem or need, you can click the official website to consult our customer service.