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Company News About Carbomer is a popular product of rheology modifier, is it safe?

Carbomer is a popular product of rheology modifier, is it safe?

Carbomer is a popular product of rheology modifier, is it safe?

Carbomer is officially the trade name of polyacrylic acid. As an intermediate material, it is usually sold to manufacturers in the form of dry carbomer white fluffy powder. It is often used in personal care products, such as gels, facial moisturizers and scrubs. They can prevent emulsion separation and control the consistency of makeup flow. . Carbomer is commonly used in no-rinse disinfectants. If you have seen the ingredient carbomer in the ingredient list of makeup products, you should have a basic concept. Is Carbomer safe for the skin? Many people will have questions in this regard. Don't worry, even if you are not sure what it is, please read it carefully many times, here is the complete information you want.


Carbomer has many code names, including 910, 934, 940, 941, and 934P. They indicate the molecular weight and the specific composition of the polymer. Carbomer 940 is widely used in hair styling gels, hydro-lactol gels, moisture-retaining gels, bath products, hand/body and facial lotions, etc.


The neutralized carbomer (polyacrylic acid) gel is suitable for obtaining biocompatible matrices for medical applications, such as gels used in skin care or dermatological treatment products. Carbomer films can be deposited on orthopedic implants to prevent corrosion. According to a human exposure study, 30 adult women were tested for skin irritation and sensitization with a skin moisturizer containing 0.20% Carbomer-934. 3 times per day, a total of 84 times in a row, apply the undiluted product to the face and eye circumference area. On the 14th and 28th days, the facial, conjunctiva, and mucous membranes were examined for residual irritation. The occlusive patch is applied before and after treatment. No skin irritation or allergy was observed in any test subjects. The researchers concluded: "Under normal expected use conditions, the sensitization and irritation of Carbomer to the skin is within the safety regulations.


Cancer is accompanied by the destruction of regular cells and does not undergo programmed cell death as fast as through mitosis. Carcinogens may increase the risk of cancer by altering cell metabolism or directly destroying DNA in cells. This can interfere with biological processes and cause uncontrolled malignant divisions, which ultimately leads to the formation of tumors.


The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) is an intergovernmental agency established in 1965 and is affiliated with the United Nations World Health Organization. It is located in Lyon, France. Since the middle of the 20th century, it has published a series of monographs on human carcinogenic risk assessment. These monographs have had a great impact on the classification of possible carcinogens. There is no report that carbomer has a risk of causing cancer.


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