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Company News About Carbomer turns out to have so many benefits for the skin

Carbomer turns out to have so many benefits for the skin

Carbomer turns out to have so many benefits for the skin

When it comes to carbomer, most people don't talk about it often, but carbomer is used in many cosmetics. Even though they may benefit from carbomer every day, most people don't know what carbomer is. Carbomer is not like an active ingredient that provides a result-oriented product, but an inert ingredient that can help these active ingredients play an outstanding role. Carbomer describes a series of polymers made of acrylic acid. It is a white fluffy powder, but it is often used as a gel in various cosmetics and personal care products. These cosmetics and personal care products are used in skin, hair, nails and makeup products and dentifrice. Carbomer is also commonly listed as Carbomer 934, Carbomer 934P, Carbomer 941, Carbomer 910 and Carbomer 910.

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Thicken or homogenize the consistency of the product

Carbomer is a thickening agent that helps control the consistency or viscosity and fluidity of many cosmetics. For the hands that need to be disinfected during the journey, the natural hand sanitizer gel is 99.9% effective in fighting common bacteria, and its formula will not make your hands feel sticky or dry.


Prevent product separation

In addition, they help to disperse and suspend insoluble solids in liquids and prevent oil and liquid parts from separating in the solution. This useful property is what makes thinner moisturizers such as emulsions work.


Improve the texture of the product

Carbomer can easily absorb and retain water, and can greatly expand when suspended in water, up to 1000 times the original volume. By adding carbomer to shampoo, conditioner, cream and lotion, these The formula will appear richer, smoother and creamy.


Delay aging and reduce skin cracking

Peptide eye gel, due to the presence of carbomer, it provides the moisturizing properties of squalane and the anti-aging effect of peptides in the gel formulation. Use a gel-like consistency. Use Aloe Vera in Gel Aloe 95 to help moisturize your skin. Aloe vera has many skin healing properties, such as reducing inflammatory acne, preventing fine lines and wrinkles, and when dandruff is used on the scalp, it can also Help solve hair problems such as dandruff.


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