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Company News About Chemiluminescence acridine ester series are more and more widely used

Chemiluminescence acridine ester series are more and more widely used

Chemiluminescence acridine ester series are more and more widely used

Acridine esters have been widely used in the field of life science, mainly because of their high luminous efficiency, mild reaction conditions, only H2O2 and dilute alkali are needed, and no catalyst is needed to stimulate chemiluminescence (CL). The CL reaction mechanism of these compounds is characterized by the dissociation of the luminescent group and the modified group, the luminescent efficiency is not limited by the length of the connecting arm, and the Photofragmentation effect is small. Through the modification of its structure, the possibility of acridine esters involved in the establishment of ultramicro immunochemical analysis was greatly increased.

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Application of acridine ester

1. Determination of tissue type plasminogen activator activity by acridine ester luminescent method

Thrombotic disease is one of the main diseases endangering people's life safety. Among several fibrinolytic drugs, tissue type plasminogen activator (t-PA) is favored by the medical community because of its specific fibrinolytic effect. Many tissues of the body contain t-PA, but it can not be extracted in large quantities because of its small amount. Genetic engineering products have been used in clinic in the world, and the development of t-PA genetic engineering products in China is stepping up. It is urgent to establish a sensitive, simple and low-cost detection method.


At present, acridine esters have been successfully synthesized in China, and the properties of acridine esters have been comprehensively analyzed, which provides a favorable condition for the establishment of a sensitive and low-cost quantitative method for t-PA activity. This method was used to determine the expression of RT PA in human melanoma t-PA (MT PA) cells and Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells, and the results were consistent with that of fibrin agar plate assay (FAPA). The changes of t-PA activity in plasma of healthy people before and after venous blood flow occlusion were significantly different. The activity of plasma t-PA in patients with lung cancer was significantly higher than that in normal people. Therefore, this method is expected to be used in clinical diagnosis and basic theoretical research of some diseases.


2. A new chemiluminescence system of xanthine oxidase acetaldehyde acridine

Acetaldehyde is oxidized to acetic acid by oxygen in the air under the catalysis of xanthoxygenase, and hydrogen peroxide is produced at the same time; hydrogen peroxide produced by enzyme reaction oxidizes 10-methyl-9-methylphthalophenyl acridine ester fluorosulfonate in alkaline medium to produce chemiluminescence.


3. Application of acridine ester labeled antibody in determination of antibody level of tuberculosis patients

Acridine antibody conjugates can be used for the determination of antibodies produced by bacteria, viruses and human autoimmunity. At present, there are at least 30 kinds of autoimmune diseases. As long as the antigen of the disease is prepared and used to coat the solid phase, the acridine ester human IgG antibody marker can be used for determination, which provides meaningful information for clinical diagnosis and pathogenesis research.


Desheng has six kinds of acridine ester products with different groups: acridine ester dmae-nhs, acridine ester nsp-dmae-nhs, acridine salt nsp-sa-nhs, acridine salt nsp-sa-nhs, acridine hydrazide nsp-sa-adh, acridine ester me-dmae-nhs. In addition to acridine ester series of chemiluminescence reagents, we also have luminol and isoluminol and other products.