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Company News About Chromogen Substrate,The New Trinder’s Reagent

Chromogen Substrate,The New Trinder’s Reagent

Chromogen Substrate,The New Trinder’s Reagent

Chromogen substrate can actually be divided into general-purpose chromogenic reagents and exclusive chromogenic reagents. According to different classifications, there are many exclusive chromogenic reagents,such as hydrocarbons, organic acids, phenols, steroids, chlorine-containing compounds.,etc.What I want to talk about today is the new Trinder's chromogen substrate .


The new Trinder's chromogen substrate is both a nitrogen-containing compound and a fragrant compound.The reaction is generated by the binding of horseradish peroxidase to achieve the purpose of color reagent. Corresponding to Trinder's chromogen substrate, there is also tetramethylbenzidine chromogenic system. In terms of time, Trinder's chromogenic reagent actually developed later than TMB. Currently, TMB is used more as color reagent in China.


Although Trinder's reagent was developed and used later than TMB, it was not so smooth in the initial period. The stability and sensitivity of chromogen substrates are two key points,but the new Trinder's reagent was not as good as TMB in the early stage. Today, the data of Trinders reagent is more dazzling, but the cost is still higher than TMB, so this is also an important reason for the delay in comprehensive coverage.


The advantages of the new Trinder's chromogenic reagent is that is easier soluble in water and all sublimation reactions are carried out in water.What’s more,its own physical and chemical properties are changed.However, the TMB is difficult to dissolve in water. In terms of use, it is still necessary to choose products according to the special circumstances of the manufacturer.


Desheng company is established in 2005 to develop biochemical reagent.We have five star series including the new Trinders chromogen substrate. The results of various comparisons show that our product quality is relatively outstanding which won many appreciations from customers.


Except the new Trinder's reagents,we also produce TMB series. The direct selling price of the factory is more favorable, and the quality of the products is guaranteed. Desheng insists on winning by quality, and provides customers with the best quality and the most considerate service.If you need them,pls contact us!