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Coagulant-the core raw material for speeding up blood testing

China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
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Coagulant-the core raw material for speeding up blood testing
Latest company news about Coagulant-the core raw material for speeding up blood testing

With the emergence of various junk foods and the prevalence of staying up late, the disease has gradually begun to rejuvenate, and even hypertension and diabetes patients have concentrated in the age of 20-30 years old. The blood test is a fast, simple and universal method for detecting diseases. Because of the rapid development of the times and the advancement of technology, all rhythms have been accelerated, and the speed of blood testing has also accelerated, and this main core raw material is the coagulant.

Serum is one of the main specimens for clinical biochemical and immune tests. At present, the means for medical institutions to obtain serum specimens are mainly obtained by collecting venous blood and centrifuging after the blood is completely coagulated. Under normal circumstances, the blood sample after isolation needs more than 60 minutes to completely coagulate, or even not coagulate, which is difficult to meet the needs of rapid laboratory testing.


The containers currently used by medical institutions for collecting venous blood samples mainly include vacuum blood collection tubes or blood samples collected with disposable syringes and then injected into non-vacuum containers. The materials of the containers are divided into glass and plastic. Under normal circumstances, it takes a long time for the collected blood samples to naturally coagulate at room temperature (2-35°C). Generally, the glass tube needs more than 60 minutes, and the plastic tube needs more than 90 minutes. Due to the clinical need for laboratories to provide rapid and accurate laboratory biochemical and immune testing indicators, if the collected blood samples are not processed, it is difficult to meet the clinical needs in time, especially for emergency patients, it is necessary to obtain fast and accurate test results . The traditional method of promoting blood coagulation is mainly to add materials such as white clay and cephalin to the blood samples after collection to promote blood coagulation. However, with the advancement of clinical laboratory testing methods, some automated, intelligent biochemical and immunological testing instruments are continuously updated and used for clinical testing and analysis. The sensitivity and accuracy of these automatic analysis instruments are constantly improving, and the requirements for specimens are also increasing.


The blood clotting process includes three basic biochemical reactions:

1. Formation of prothrombin activator;

2. Prothrombin activator turns prothrombin into active thrombin with the participation of calcium ions;

3. Soluble fibrinogen is converted into insoluble fibrin under the action of thrombin. The visible blood clot formation is both a physical phenomenon of fibrin formation and the end point of a series of enzymatic biochemical reactions.

The whole process involves many clotting factors. Under physiological conditions, clotting factors are generally in an inactive state. When these clotting factors are activated, a series of enzymatic reactions that are still known today as the "coagulation mechanism waterfall theory" occur and cause blood clotting. Tissue factor, tissue thromboplastin or factor Ⅲ, is the only coagulation factor that does not exist in the blood of animals. It is a lipoprotein, and its main component is phospholipid. Tissue factor lipoproteins are widely present in animal tissues such as brain, lung, and placenta. They are released after tissue damage, act on the exogenous coagulation system, and promote the co-production of endogenous coagulation system products under the catalytic action of thrombin. Sexual coagulation pathway to achieve coagulation effect.


latest company news about Coagulant-the core raw material for speeding up blood testing  0

Accelerator (suspending agent)


The main function of blood coagulants is to accelerate blood coagulation, that is, to shorten the blood coagulation time in vitro without affecting the necessary components of blood, and to promote the separation of serum.


Blood coagulant performance should be considered:

1. coagulation time: the time required for the blood to reach full coagulation after contact with the coagulant.

2. Promoting coagulation efficiency: the relative amount of coagulant needed to achieve the best coagulation effect.

3. Coagulation effect: the amount of serum oozing after blood clotting.

4. Separation effect: After centrifugation, the blood after coagulation can achieve complete and clear separation of serum and whether hemolysis occurs.

5. Impact on essential blood components: The use of coagulants cannot have a detrimental effect on the clinical test results of blood and the performance and quality of blood products.


Desheng has 15 years of rich experience in research and development and production of blood collection tube additives. It can provide high-quality raw material products such as coagulant, sodium heparin, lithium heparin, dipotassium EDTA and tripotassium EDTA. Blood test reagent products have always been trusted by customers.

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