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Company News About Confessions of Capo Elf

Confessions of Capo Elf

Confessions of Capo Elf

My name is carbomer 980, and there is a number 940 that is my brother, the title of Kabo elf, after all, the status is noble, although many people do not know it. I admit that although I am a fat white man, I don't want to be black. The beauty and health of humans depend on us.


I pride myself on my noble status. This is not completely unfounded. We are all high-molecular polymers with a relative molecular weight of 40,000 to 100,000 or even higher, which is not found in nature. Although I am a fat man in appearance, it is just puffiness. I can say that it is a light body and a body weight of only one-fifth of water, which means that a cube is only 200 kilograms. Of course, because it is relatively fluffy, the proportion will increase significantly under heavy pressure, and it can increase by five or six times, and that is a veritable 200 catty fat man.


Regardless of appearance, my capo elf's skills are still very powerful. Although not many people know me, I participate in the cosmetics, creams, lotions, shampoos and other products that people use every day, as well as some medicines. For example, carbomer eye drops and carbomer medicinal gel also contain me, and we are also well-known in the pharmacopoeia.


In this year when the new crown virus is raging around the world, I, Comrade Kabo, is also struggling on the front line of the fight against the epidemic. One of the important ingredients in hand sanitizers is carbomer. We have super water absorption performance, thickening performance, gel performance, etc., not only in water, but also in alcohol or other alcohols, Carbo also has good gel suspension performance. We only need 0.5%-2.0% of the usage amount to form a gel, no matter whether it is the amount of water or the amount of alcohol.


Having said that, Comrade I Capo is definitely a good citizen who practices the core values ​​of socialism and abides by the law. Sadly, he has not been wronged! For example, some people say: Carbo is extracted from pure natural plants and contains Chinese herbal medicines. This is too much. It is said that it is a polymer, a synthetic material! Others say that Carbo can beautify skin, whiten and sunscreen. This is not right. Like water, whether it is used in skin care products or as a medicinal adjuvant, it is just a carrier and a medium. Others say that I can cause cancer. This is even worse. The carcinogen is benzene. Because it is made of petrochemical raw materials, petroleum contains benzene and needs to be removed. The pharmacopoeia requires benzene content and heavy metal content. Don't buy fake and shoddy products.


My self-introduction comes to an end here. The new crown virus is unrelenting and trying to make a comeback. I hope everyone will not take it lightly, gather less and eat more vegetables, and products that will not get sick are sold!