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Company News About Crude heparin sodium CAS number and purpose

Crude heparin sodium CAS number and purpose

Crude heparin sodium CAS number and purpose

Crude heparin sodium CAS number and purpose


Heparin, as a naturally occurring substance, is mostly prepared into heparin sodium and used in medicine. However, in reality, it has many uses in addition to medicine, such as biochemical testing, blood collection and processing, or cosmetics. Most of the heparin sodium in these fields is purified and processed from crude heparin sodium to make high-quality heparin sodium for use. Below, we will focus on introducing crude heparin sodium to everyone.


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Crude heparin sodium CAS number


Firstly, let's understand what CAS number is. CAS number is a unique identifier for a chemical substance, assigned and managed by the International Chemical Registry (IUPAC). The CAS number is composed of numbers, representing the structure and composition of a compound, and can be used to identify and locate the compound globally. The CAS number of crude heparin sodium is 9041-08-1, which represents its composition and structure. As a mucopolysaccharide containing sulfate groups, it has strong negative charge biological activity and can be purified to prevent blood clotting.


Preparation of crude heparin sodium


1. Wash the fresh pig intestines (or naturally thawed pig intestines) with clean water to remove any debris, and then perform enzymatic hydrolysis.


2. Stir thoroughly, adjust the pH value with a small amount of alkaline solution, and maintain the solution temperature at 37-40 degrees Celsius to continue enzymatic hydrolysis for 3-4 hours.


3. Add a certain weight of refined salt, thoroughly mix it, and then heat it up for about 30 minutes. Fine filter and adjust the filtrate back to its pH range of 9.0-9.5 for ion exchange adsorption treatment.


4. After elution and filtration, combine the clear solution and filtrate, adjust the pH value again to an accuracy of 6.0-6.5, add measured ethanol to precipitate overnight, and carefully dry and suck out the upper clear solution, collect the lower sediment, and filter until dry. After vacuum drying, crude heparin sodium is prepared.


The use of crude heparin sodium


Usually, crude heparin sodium is used as the raw material for cosmetics. Due to its low production requirements and impurities, it is rarely used in the market, and its use is far less extensive and effective than high-quality heparin sodium. For example, refined heparin sodium can be added to the blood collection tube for use as an external Anticoagulant, or it can be prepared into an injection drug for use in the treatment of thrombotic diseases. The refined heparin sodium extracted from crude heparin sodium has high main content and few impurities, so it is more valued.


As a professional supplier of heparin sodium, Desheng's products are analytical pure, which are mainly used as Anticoagulant in blood collection vessels, with stable performance. To meet customer customization needs, the company can provide crude heparin sodium product services. If you have any relevant intentions, you can indicate your needs in advance and we are ready to answer you at any time.