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Company News About dark green lithium heparin tube

dark green lithium heparin tube

dark green lithium heparin tube

A dark green lithium heparin tube is commonly used for collecting and preserving blood samples, as it contains lithium heparin as a blood anticoagulant used to inactivate certain coagulation factors in the blood. In general, in medical practice, heparin lithium tubes play an important role in specific tests and tests, which are used to check blood ammonia levels and rheological parameters of the blood.


Applicability of heparin lithium tube:


1、 Check blood ammonia levels


Blood ammonia level refers to the concentration of ammonia nitrogen in the blood, usually expressed in mmol/L (millimoles/liter). Ammonia nitrogen is a form of ammonia, a compound of ammonia oxides, produced by the metabolism of amino acids in the liver. The liver is the only organ capable of relieving ammonia toxicity, so blood ammonia levels are crucial for evaluating liver function. Abnormal blood ammonia levels may indicate severe liver damage, such as liver diseases such as hepatitis and cirrhosis, or upper gastrointestinal bleeding, where blood breakdown increases ammonia nitrogen levels. By measuring blood ammonia levels, doctors can evaluate liver function and the patient's metabolic status.


2、 Hemorheological testing


Hemorheological testing is a testing method used to evaluate blood flow and viscosity. It mainly includes two parameters: whole blood viscosity and plasma viscosity. The former refers to the viscosity of the entire blood sample, and abnormal whole blood viscosity can be seen in various diseases, such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, hypertension, coronary heart disease, as well as malignant tumors, anemia, etc. The latter refers to the viscosity of the plasma. Abnormal plasma viscosity can be seen in multiple myeloma, diabetes, etc. Hemorheological testing helps to understand the characteristics of blood, identify factors that may cause abnormalities, such as viscous blood that may increase the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and help doctors develop more accurate treatment plans.


These testing items require unconsolidated and stable blood samples, and the blood has been processed using heparin lithium tubes, which have no interference with blood components and are conducive to the smooth and effective completion of the above experiments, thus obtaining reliable results and timely treatment and prevention of related diseases for patients.


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