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Company News About Desheng Biochemical's 2023 MEDICA Medical Exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany has come to a successful conclusion!

Desheng Biochemical's 2023 MEDICA Medical Exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany has come to a successful conclusion!

Desheng Biochemical's 2023 MEDICA Medical Exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany has come to a successful conclusion!

At the MEDICA Medical Exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany in 2023, Desheng Biochemistry (referred to as "Desheng") achieved a great success. In this exhibition, Desheng fully showcased the company's innovative achievements and high-quality products in the field of biochemical reagent raw materials and technology, attracting the attention and recognition of numerous professionals and customers worldwide.


1、 Desheng Exhibition


The MEDICA Medical Exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany is an important event in the global healthcare industry, bringing together top medical equipment and advanced technology from around the world every year. As one of them, Desheng Biochemical always adheres to technological innovation as the core and is committed to providing high-quality and high-performance reagent raw material products to global customers. The company has a research and development team composed of senior industry experts and outstanding talents, dedicated to the research and production of biochemical reagent raw materials. At the same time, Desheng also attaches great importance to product quality and safety, strictly controlling every production process.


2、 Important customer communication


During the exhibition, Desheng exhibition staff had in-depth exchanges and communication with potential Indian and Danish clients. These customers have shown a strong interest in Desheng's medical products and technology, and have expressed a strong willingness to cooperate. The interaction between Desheng personnel and customers has enabled us to have a more comprehensive understanding of the needs of the medical and health industry in different regions, providing useful insights for our future research and innovation.


They stated that they will visit Desheng for on-site inspection in December to further understand the company's production and research and development capabilities and product advantages. For Desheng, this is undoubtedly a good opportunity to showcase the company's strength and products, as well as an important step towards deepening cooperation with international customers and entering the international market.


3、 Innovative product display


As a technology innovation enterprise focusing on the research and production of biochemical reagent raw materials, Desheng showcased its latest reagent products at this exhibition, including the 5th generation serum separation gel, EDTA potassium salt, heparin salt, biological buffer, and other products. These products fully demonstrate Desheng Biochemical's research and development strength and technical level, and have won praise from many customers. In addition to showcasing advanced products, Desheng Biochemical also actively participated in multiple activities and forums at this exhibition. The company representative had in-depth exchanges and discussions with medical industry experts and clients from around the world on site, sharing the latest research results and practical experience of the company in the medical field.


4、 Company Vision and Outlook


Desheng Biochemical will continue to participate in medical exhibitions and exchange activities worldwide, and strengthen communication and cooperation with global customers. At the same time, the company will continue to develop more innovative reagent products to meet the constantly evolving and changing global market demands. We believe that in future cooperation, Desheng Biochemical will work hand in hand with global customers to jointly promote the progress and development of the medical industry.


On the occasion of the successful conclusion of this exhibition, Desheng Biochemical would like to express its gratitude to all visitors and customers for their support and attention. Thank you for your visit and guidance, giving Desheng Biochemical the opportunity to showcase our company's technology and products to the world. Desheng Company will continuously introduce advanced technology and concepts, provide customers with more comprehensive and high-quality reagents, and contribute to the development of the global medical industry. We look forward to achieving more brilliant results in international cooperation in the future.