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Company News About Desheng is selected as the high quality manufacturer of serum separation gel

Desheng is selected as the high quality manufacturer of serum separation gel

Desheng is selected as the high quality manufacturer of serum separation gel

Serum separation glue is mainly composed of macromolecular hydrocarbons and hydrophobic glue. As a kind of macromolecular polymer, it is insoluble in water and inert. It is a thixotropic viscose liquid with a density of 1.04-1.05 mmol / L. it has the advantages of oxidation resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and good gas tightness.


The reason why serum separation gel can separate serum and blood cells is that the density of serum is 1.026-1.031 mmolgl, while the density of blood cells is 1.090-1.095. Due to the specific gravity, the separation gel is just between serum and blood cells, so generally, after blood centrifugation, there are three layers of serum, separation gel and blood cells in turn.

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There are two kinds of commonly used separation gel collecting vessels in laboratory: serum separation gel coagulant promoting tube and plasma separation gel anticoagulant tube. Serum separation gel coagulant tube is to add coagulant to the blood collection vessel to shorten the blood coagulation time, quickly get the serum, and report the results in the shortest time. There is no need to add coagulant in the glass collecting vessel, blood contact with the glass tube wall will trigger coagulation. When factor XI and factor Ⅻ contact plastic blood collection vessel, their activation ability is very weak, so coagulants need to be added to shorten the coagulation time. Plasma separation gel anticoagulant tube is sprayed with heparin lithium and other anticoagulants on the inner wall of separation gel blood vessel to meet the needs of rapid plasma biochemical emergency test.


At present, the serum separation gel has been widely used in clinical laboratory. The separation gel can form an isolation layer between cell components and serum (plasma), effectively prevent the material exchange between blood cells and serum (plasma), and ensure the stability of serum (plasma) components in a certain period of time. In the clinical application of separation gel, many non-standard operations will affect the separation effect, and some separation gel can be used The blood collection vessel interfered with some test items. These problems are not easy to be found in daily quality control and routine testing. In order to ensure the authenticity of the test results, it is very important to do a good job in the quality control of blood samples before testing.


Desheng is a high-quality manufacturer specializing in the production of serum separation gel. In addition to striving to improve the quality, it is also committed to providing laboratory personnel with a set of clinical blood sample solutions, that is, operation specifications in the process of blood collection, transportation, storage, blood collection and centrifugation, so as to truly achieve first-class quality and service.