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Differences and Precautions between Biological Buffer MOPS and MES Buffer

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China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
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Differences and Precautions between Biological Buffer MOPS and MES Buffer
Latest company news about Differences and Precautions between Biological Buffer MOPS and MES Buffer

The biological buffer solution is used to stabilize the pH value in biochemical experiments. The full name of MOPS is 3-morpholinepropanesulfonic acid, and the full name of MES is 2-morpholineethanesulfonic acid. Both of them are buffers that are often used in our biological experiments and play a very important role in the experiment. What is the difference between them? What do we need to pay attention to during use? The following is a brief analysis:


MOPS Buffer, or 3-morpholinepropanesulfonic acid buffer, is a widely used and very important buffer. MOPS itself belongs to Good's buffer, and the buffer range is between 6.5 and 7.9. It is suitable for the electron transfer and phosphorylation research of chloroplast thin layer preparation. Protein purification chromatography buffer. In addition, MOPS is also used in biochemical diagnostic kits, such as DNA/RNA extraction kits, PCR kits, and kits for measuring creatinine.


MES Buffer, that is, 2-morpholineethanesulfonic acid, biological buffer, buffer range 5.5–6.7, pKa value of MES buffer is close to physiological pH, used in active aminogel chromatography column to separate mobile phase components of brain tubulin ; MES can not be absorbed when passing through the cell membrane, and can penetrate ultraviolet light, such biological buffers are commonly used in plant cell culture.


Precautions for MOPS

1. MOPS biological buffer reagent is a zwitterionic buffer. If the dosage of MOPS is very small each time, it is generally used after proper packaging.

2. Normally, the biological buffer can easily change the color of the liquid to yellow after encountering light, and the light yellow can be used. If the color is too dark, it should not be used again.

3. The use of MOPS biological buffer reagents requires special attention. The production safety and personnel health must not be sloppy, so the experimental clothes should be worn and wearing disposable gloves to operate. Once the solution splashes into the eyes, or comes into contact with it, it must be rinsed with plenty of water immediately, and immediately go to the hospital.


To sum up, when choosing a buffer, not only according to the required buffer range and buffering capacity of the buffer solution, but also according to the specific experimental content. In addition, in biological experiments, we must pay attention to the sterilization of the used containers, water and other additives, so as not to bring other influencing factors to the experiment. The Good ’s buffers independently developed and produced by our company have always been trusted by customers, welcom enterprises and individuals to call for further consultation.

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