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Company News About Do you centrifuge sodium heparin tubes?

Do you centrifuge sodium heparin tubes?

Do you centrifuge sodium heparin tubes?

Do you centrifuge sodium heparin tubes?


    In clinical biochemical testing, most analysis relies on serum or plasma samples, but the whole blood is extracted from the human body, making it difficult and time-consuming to prepare complete serum or plasma samples. In order to solve this problem, reagents such as EDTA potassium salt, heparin sodium, and serum separation gel have emerged in the domestic market to help improve efficiency. Under the treatment of these reagents, blood samples can also be quickly prepared into stable specimens by centrifugation, thus achieving detection purposes. The use of heparin sodium test tubes is relatively common, but there is also great controversy. Some people believe that it does not need centrifugation, while others believe that it should be centrifuged. So, does it really need to be centrifuged? Below is a specific analysis for everyone.


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Bottled heparin sodium


    The anticoagulant effect of heparin sodium in blood vessels


    Because it is a natural anticoagulant substance extracted from animal liver organs, it can bind with antithrombin 3 to cause structural changes. After its activity is activated, it binds to coagulation factors, thereby inhibiting the action of coagulation factors, leading to weakened thrombin reaction and prolonged coagulation time. In blood collection, it plays a role in preventing coagulation of blood samples, which can provide convenience for the biochemical testing items that need to be carried out.


    Is the heparin sodium test tube centrifuged


    In blood collection, it plays a role in preventing blood clotting, but cannot extract the required serum or plasma samples, so centrifugation is required. Only by centrifugation can the blood sample be completely separated, and then the centrifuged sample is used for testing to obtain accurate results. There are many cellular components in whole blood, and there are also differences in the testing items. If centrifugation is not carried out, it may lead to difficulties in conducting experiments, such as the blockage of analytical instruments due to the presence of fibrin in serum.


    Items for heparin sodium test tube testing


    1. Routine blood testing: Due to its strong physicochemical properties and physiological inertness, it does not affect blood composition and is less prone to hemolysis on red blood cells, so it is often used in routine sample analysis.


    2. Liver function test: It can prevent blood clotting, so it is suitable for checking liver and kidney function, such as detecting fatty liver, hepatitis, etc.


    3. Blood gas and erythrocyte sedimentation rate detection: Due to its interference with coagulation, it can have the effect of antithrombin. After the coagulation time of the sample is extended, it can be applied to blood gas analysis and erythrocyte sedimentation rate examination.


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