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Company News About Does heparin affect sodium levels?

Does heparin affect sodium levels?

Does heparin affect sodium levels?

Does heparin affect sodium levels?


    As a natural anticoagulant reagent, heparin usually contains two types: heparin sodium and heparin lithium. Normally, the intake and excretion of sodium in the human body should be balanced. However, in clinical practice, medical staff using heparin tubes for electrolyte analysis may find that sodium levels are higher than normal reference values. Why is this? Some people suggest that the addition of heparin leads to an increase in sodium levels. Is this really the case? Based on this question, let's carefully analyze it for everyone.


    Based on the questions raised, Desheng also conducted analysis and research on this, comparing blood samples collected using test tubes with and without heparin to analyze whether the extracted detection components have been affected. The experimental results showed that heparin anticoagulation had a significant effect on blood potassium, but had no significant effect on sodium levels. From the analysis, it can be seen that heparin substances are prone to react with potassium ions contained in the blood sample to generate heparin potassium, interfering with the determination of potassium by ion selective electrodes, resulting in a low potassium ion content in the analysis results.


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    In addition, from the serum samples, it can be seen that due to the destruction of platelets in the blood, they cannot aggregate and release potassium ions, resulting in a serum concentration greater than that of plasma, and the degree of enhancement is proportional to the number of platelets. During the experiment, due to the fact that platelets have been destroyed and cannot accurately reflect the true level of potassium in the body, the use of heparin tube detection will directly affect the determination of potassium ions, without affecting sodium levels.


    From the source of heparin, it can be inferred that it is used as a natural anticoagulant reagent and its function in contact with blood in test tubes is to prevent blood clotting. If it affects other components of the blood, it not only indicates poor quality of heparin, but also requires careful selection. However, in practical clinical applications, its use is widespread, especially in biochemical diagnosis, where heparin is used to ensure the accuracy of analysis results and improve efficiency. If it affects sodium levels, it is likely that clinical practice will use these types of test tubes with caution, rather than using them in large quantities.


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