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EDTA-2K has so many uses, how many do you know?

China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
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EDTA-2K has so many uses, how many do you know?
Latest company news about EDTA-2K has so many uses, how many do you know?

The full name of EDTA-2K is dipotassium ethylenediaminetetraacetate. It is a white crystalline powder and belongs to a common complexing agent. Because it can complex with the calcium in the blood to inactivate the calcium and further cause the blood to not coagulate, it is usually used to prepare anticoagulants and mainly used in the blood collection tube industry.

latest company news about EDTA-2K has so many uses, how many do you know?  0

EDTA has two CAS numbers, mainly because one of them is actually EDTA dipotassium crystalline hydrate. People often mistake the CAS numbers of these two EDTAs, which makes people confused. The real situation is that the CAS number of EDTA-2K is 2001-94-7 and the CAS number of EDTA-2K dihydrate is 25102-12-9. The difference between them is that there are two crystal waters in one molecule. And this article is an introduction to the wide range of uses of EDTA-2K.


The International Blood Standards Committee recommends the use of EDTA-2K anticoagulated blood for complete blood counts. The use of EDTA-2K as an anticoagulant in vacuum blood collection tubes can preserve leukocyte hypertrophy in a short time, prevent platelet aggregation, and preserve platelets. In addition to being an anticoagulant, EDTA-2K has many uses in industrial production, environmental optimization and other fields.


EDTA-2K can be used as a new type of gel material magnesium phosphate cement retarder, compared with borax used in traditional magnesium phosphate cement. It has a better retarding effect, can prolong the setting time of the magnesium phosphate repair system, and ensure the strength of the magnesium phosphate cement, making it more widely used in the rapid repair of highways, bridge decks, and airstrips.


In oilfield production, EDTA-2K is also used as a stabilizer to form a desulfurization synergist, which can not only maintain the stability of the desulfurization synergist, but also chelate the calcium and magnesium ions in the operating system to be treated to stabilize the overall operating system. Water quality. The desulfurization synergist can effectively chemically react with the sulfide in the equipment to achieve the purpose of removing sulfide, have a good desulfurization effect, and ensure the safety of oilfield construction.


EDTA-2K is also commonly used to prepare deodorants, such as toilet deodorants, decomposing pesticides and odor molecule removers, etc. In addition, according to the description of related patents, the potassium salt of ethylenediaminetetraacetate is calcined at high temperature, pickled, and washed. Activated carbon can be prepared in processes such as washing and drying.

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