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Company News About Effect of blood collection coagulant

Effect of blood collection coagulant

Effect of blood collection coagulant

Effect of blood collection coagulant


    In clinical work, serum samples are one of the important samples for analysis and testing, but they cannot be directly used after collecting blood samples. However, high-quality serum can only be obtained after processing, which can make the testing effect more accurate. Generally, obtaining high-quality serum samples is accomplished using the coagulant and separation gel in the blood collection tube, because if the blood is not subjected to coagulation promoting treatment, it needs to wait for a long time in the natural state, which is not conducive to improving efficiency and subsequent testing tasks. Therefore, the following will focus on the role of coagulant promoters to give you a detailed introduction, which can also be clearly judged during the later use process.


    1、 Principle of coagulant accelerator


    In fact, the mechanism of coagulation promoting reaction is relatively simple, mainly due to the presence of coagulation factors in the blood, which can quickly activate, promote the formation of thrombin and fibrin blocks, accelerate coagulation, and cooperate with separation gel to quickly achieve separation. However, attention should be paid to the standardization of the use of coagulants, otherwise incomplete coagulation and hemolysis of blood samples may easily occur.


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(Coagulant accelerator)


    2、 Coagulant effect


    It is used in the medical field, mainly by evenly spraying it onto the inner wall of a test tube to promote blood coagulation. Generally, blood can completely coagulate within about 5 minutes after being exposed to coagulants, and high-quality serum can be obtained through centrifugation, which solves the problems of blood cell rupture, hemolysis, and fibrin precipitation, and can quickly meet the needs of outpatient testing.


    3、 Quality standard of coagulant


    The main criterion for determining the quality of a coagulant promoting agent is the length of coagulation time of the blood after contact with the coagulant promoting agent, which is fast and short, demonstrating that the coagulant promoting effect can also reach the optimal state. In addition, observe the serum precipitated after blood coagulation. If the serum is clear, clear, or does not exhibit hemolysis, its quality is naturally reliable.


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